Rex’s Adventure: Miami Vibes Drops

Rex’s Adventure: Miami Vibes Drops

Discover all the latest products at FLUENT and get the play-by-play through each adventure with Rex, our favorite short-armed and nerve-wracked HERBivore.

MOODS Miami Vibes Drops

CONSUMED: 4 drops .75ml (Fluent doesn’t recommend using this dosage. Always start low and go slow.)


  • Taste like Mangos!
  • No bad aftertaste.


  • I got home from my day at work, and I needed something that can put me at ease.
  • The first thing that came into my head was Fluent Miami Vibes Drops. So I kicked off my Friday with two drops of .75ML.
  • The taste was great because it tastes like Mango, and there was no bad aftertaste.
  • At 6:22 pm, I jumped into the shower, and I can feel the vibes slowly touching my soul.
  • The water dripping down my face felt amazing, like a massage on my head and shoulder.
  • I even sat in the shower just letting the water run over my head and back – I felt like a warrior meditating to prepare my body and soul.
  • At 6:40 pm, I jumped out of the shower, and I was already in my own little Miami world. “Miami is where you make it!” So I told myself as I walk into the living room.
  • I started playing music for my food and started singing and dancing around the room. My dog sat down to watch me dance, and I stared back to sing “Like a Prayer” by Madonna, and he was really into it. He stared into my eyes and felt that strong connection of love we built up over the years.
  • 7:20 pm – I started playing Halo 4 with my best friend, and I was in the zone; I felt so relaxed but so pumped up. I even put on a light show in my room to change the colors. You can hear me from a mile away, screaming and laughing while I played Xbox.
  • I keep thinking how Miami Vibes makes me feel, like if I’m downtown laughing, snacking, singing, and having a good time. Miami Vibes is literally a piece of Miami you take home.
  • 9:02 pm, I took two more drops of .75ML. At this point, I was straight-up jamming to my own beat and drum. I ordered food from the La Pupusa factory, and oh man, was I excited for it. While waiting for the food, I started singing again to my friend, and he loved my hit song.
  • The food is amazing!! Nom Nom.
  • At 10 pm, I got off and started doing a little cosplay. I put on my Star Wars outfit and transformed into Obi-Wan Kenobi. I pull out my lightsaber and challenge my dog to a battle
  • By 12 pm, I started to crash. I fixed my bed and carried my dog to my bed, where we hug and cuddle until passing out.
  • I slept all night beautifully, and not once did I wake up. Best sleep ever.