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The Science of Mixing Caffeine and THC


The Science of Mixing Caffeine and THC

If you can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, you certainly aren’t alone. It’s estimated that there are over 400 million cups consumed in a day, in fact — and that’s just in the U.S. For medical marijuana patients, the combination of CBD and cannabis may seem natural, but there are a few things you should know about the effects of cannabis before you pair its derivative, cannabidiol, with a cup of espresso. Science offers some useful insight into the safety of this practice as well as its potential impact on the absorption of CBD, so if you’re wondering whether to combine your coffee and cannabis routines, check out this helpful guide for more information on the pros and cons.

Coffee Pot: What Happens When You Mix Marijuana and Caffeine?

The combination of caffeine and cannabis has roots in European culture, with many Amsterdam coffee shops also selling cannabis products to customers. So what exactly happens when cannabis gets mixed with caffeine? The answer to this question varies because every person is likely to have their own unique experience with cannabis, but generally speaking, caffeine is known to exacerbate the effects of cannabis — especially if the cannabis in question contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC and caffeine, when combined, can increase the likelihood of psychoactive effects. Interestingly, CBD & caffeine offer a different experience. Many users report that when combined, cannabidiols and caffeine tend to offer a subdued effect. Caffeine increases alertness, while CBD is said to minimize the anxiety associated with caffeine.

What Are the Effects and Risks of Mixing Cannabis and Caffeine?

The effects of cannabis and caffeine mixture should not be underestimated — but the result depends largely on what kind of cannabis you’re mixing with your coffee. If you’re consuming a cannabis extract that only contains THC, for example, you’re going to have a vastly different experience than a cannabis extract that contains CBD. The combination of CBD & caffeine is known to facilitate a calm sense of focus, but mixing THC and caffeine might trigger bouts of hyperactivity and bursts of energy.

Benefits of Mixing THC and Caffeine

Many people claim that the combination of caffeine and cannabis — whether it be CBD or THC — can offer a unique set of benefits that one substance, on its own, can’t provide. Claims of such benefits include better energy, improved alertness, and a sense of satisfaction. Perhaps the latter of these is the most interesting and solidly supported by evidence. Caffeine and cannabis both trigger powerful psychological responses, and cannabis is known to cause the release of dopamine in users’ brains. The psychostimulant effect of caffeine can increase the dopamine-release response, causing some users to report a feeling of intense happiness when consuming cannabis with coffee.

Risks of Mixing Cannabis and Caffeine

It’s clear that many users enjoy the combination of CBD & caffeine, but are there any risks associated with this combo? Some scientists advise against it due to the unpredictability of any drug interaction. Whether you’re consuming cannabis that contains CBD, THC, or both, it’s hard to know exactly how the mood-altering effects of cannabis will play out when it’s combined with caffeine. Some research also suggests that combining caffeine with THC-based cannabis may worsen the effects of cognitive impairment that users often feel.

Is It Safe to Add Cannabis to CBD to Caffeine?

The question remains — is it safe to combine cannabis with caffeine? More specifically, can I safely add cannabis to my coffee? For some people, the answer is no, and for others, it is yes. There are no deaths or injuries that have been associated with coffee and cannabis use, so it’s unlikely that you will suffer major consequences, but you might experience increased heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, nausea, and a litany of other side effects that are associated with both coffee and cannabis. If you’re still interested in exploring the combination of caffeine and cannabis, you should integrate these two substances gradually and at low doses.

Don’t Drink Coffee?

Maybe you’re interested in the combination of caffeine and cannabis, but you aren’t an avid coffee drinker. Luckily, there are plenty of alternative options that offer the opportunity to try this combination without having to down a cannabis coffee. Many people find that they are able to enjoy this combination by adding a cannabis tincture to a beverage such as tea. Tea is typically much milder and lower in caffeine than coffee, so it may be a better option for those who are new to cannabis and caffeine. Similarly, there are many pre-made products that contain both caffeine and cannabis — including both THC and CBD — and these can be great for easy dosing and consumption.

The CBD-Caffeine Blend

For CBD enthusiasts, CBD & caffeine can offer a potent combination with a range of desirable effects. Because it is not psychoactive like THC, combining CBD with caffeine may be a safer option. It may even augment some of the therapeutic effects of cannabis that medical patients seek out. Perhaps the most likely outcome is the effect that’s most commonly reported amongst users — CBD & caffeine is likely to give you a sense of focus from the effects of the caffeine, combined with a calmness thanks to the CBD. This is a powerful combination that’s likely to appeal to many consumers who are seeking out cannabis for medicinal use.

Caffeine, Cannabis, and CBD All in One Spot

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