Rex’s Adventure: Watermelon Gels

Rex’s Adventure: Watermelon Gels

Discover all the latest products at FLUENT and get the play-by-play through each adventure with Rex, our favorite short-armed and nerve-wracked HERBivore.


CONSUMED: 5 Gels (Fluent doesn’t recommend using this large dosage. Always start low and go slow.)


  • It looks like gummies to me.
  • When you chew the Gel, you can really taste the flavor.
  • There’s no lousy aftertaste and great taste while chewing.


  • The fun started at 6:45 pm.
  • I already had two bowls from French Cookies, and I figured it’s time to turn it up a notch.
  • I love gummies because it’s just like candy for adults.
  • I started to feel the Gel around 7:40 pm. My world was going into hyper-speed.
  • At 7:30, I started playing classical music from Mozart while still playing Minecraft.
  • Let’s just say my reaction time had slowed, and while in the game, it was even slower, LOL.
  • I was humming and dancing around my room while Mozart is blasting out the speakers. I would turn my head but felt that my spirit hadn’t caught up to my body, which was a cool feeling.
  • I would Facetime my girlfriend and ask if my eyes were open because I felt they were closing on me. I was in a trance playing the classics.
  • When I would get up from my chair, my legs would feel stuck to the ground. I would laugh at myself. I was thinking it was mind vs. body at this point.
  • By 8:30, I felt like Jell-o. I would go over to my dog sleeping on the floor, and I would just lay with him. He would look at me with this face like, “um, dude, this is my bed,” but he didn’t care and went back to sleep.
  • I felt so generous as well, and I bought pizza for my entire family. Oh man, when I took a bite from the first slice! I could describe each topping and the cheese. It was made to perfection.
  • At 10 pm I took a shower. I still felt my body was in slow motion. When I went under the shower, I just stood there and let the hot water pour down my face.
  • That feeling while the water is running down your hair, shoulder, face, it was so mentally relaxing – it felt like a massage to my senses. I didn’t want to get out of the shower because I felt I was high in the mountains and under a secret waterfall.