Passion Fruit Mousse

Passion Fruit Mousse

Escape to the tropics, one spoon at a time.

Yield: 6 portions, 4 fl oz each
Prep time: 10 min.
Cook time: 1-2 hour(s)
Dose: 10 mg each, 60 mg total
Recommended: Miami Vibes Syringe OR Drops (You can also use Black Line syringes or drops, MOODS Drops, Red Line drops, or RSO syringes.)


  • Mousse:
    • Passion Fruit Concentrate, frozen — 1.5 Cups
    • Sweetened Condensed Milk — 1 (one) 14 oz Can
    • Heavy Cream — ¾ Cup
    • Gelatin — 1.5 tsp
  • Coulis Topping
    • Passion Fruit, pulp with seeds — 3 fruits OR 1/3 Cup
    • Sugar, granulated — ¼ Cup


  1. Blender or Food Processor
  2. Metal bowls
  3. Spatula
  4. Microwave safe container
  5. 6 (six) 4 oz mason jars OR similarly sized glass containers


  1. Before you start, make sure you completely thaw your passion fruit concentrate until it is liquid but still cold.
  2. In a small bowl or mug, dissolve your gelatin into 3 tbsp of water; make sure it dissolves thoroughly. You can briefly (5-10 sec) microwave the gelatin to help it liquefy, but make sure it cools down to room temperature before adding it to the recipe.
  3. Take half of your heavy cream and briefly warm it up in the microwave (5 sec). Infuse the cream using a syringe distillate OR tincture.
    1. If using a syringe, add 0.05 mL OR roughly 1 rice grain-sized dot of concentrate (~60 mg total). Stir it into the heavy cream, and make sure it dissolves fully.
    2. If using drops, add 1.5 mL of the concentrated tincture (1.5 full droppers = 60 mg. total) OR 3 mL of the Red Line tincture directly into the cream and mix it well.
  4. In a blender or food processor, combine your passion fruit concentrate, gelatin, all the heavy cream, and one 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Blend all the ingredients together. Once the mix is smooth, pour the contents into 6 (six) 4 oz mason jars (or similarly sized glass containers) for 6 total portions. Place a lid on each jar, and refrigerate for 1-2 hours until the mix sets and the gelatin gives it a firmer texture.
  5. For the coulis topping, combine the fresh passion fruit pulp and granulated sugar into a small pan over high heat. Once the mix begins to boil, reduce the temperature to medium-low and let it cook for no longer than 5 minutes until the coulis reduces and thickens to a syrup-like consistency. After the mixture has cooled to room temperature, add 2 tsp of the coulis to top each portion of mousse.
  6. Keep the mousse refrigerated at all times; they will keep for a few days for you to enjoy. Bong Appetit!