Legendary Grower and Founder of Origins TK Selects Partners With FLUENT

Legendary Grower and Founder of Origins TK Selects Partners With FLUENT

FLUENT is broadening its genetic portfolio by collaborating with Marty Calabrese, the founder of Origins TK Selects and creator of OG Kush.

The Origins strains trace back to the late 1980s when a young artist and surfer named TK received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Amsterdam and bring back some seeds. Upon returning to South Florida, TK worked his way up from being a trimmer to running a complete grow house. Along the way, he began experimenting with the seeds he had brought back and accidentally pollinated a room of Emerald Triangle with Hindu Kush pollen due to an air conditioning draft. This fortunate accidental creation of seeds later became the now-famous Triangle Kush and OG Kush.

From the accidental batch of seeds, his circle of friends and acquaintances eventually discovered and cultivated the two magic beans known as Triangle Kush and Kush. The latter was taken to California and later renamed OG Kush by a small group of growers who sought to distinguish it from other strains. This group had strong connections to celebrities who would go on to reference and rap about it in their music, leading to its widespread fame and household name status today.

Today, both strains are among the most coveted and pungent flowers in the world, playing a significant role in shaping the contemporary cannabis landscape and the diverse varieties enthusiasts cherish. FLUENT is excited to announce Origins TK Selects strains are hitting the shelves with an initial release of OG Kush and Triangle Kush!

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