The Truth Behind Head Highs And Body Highs
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The Truth Behind Head Highs And Body Highs

You have questions, and our research offers answers – here’s what cannabis doctors and medical marijuana experts have to say about the head high vs. body high phenomenon.

The head high vs. body high debate is one of the longest-lasting discussions in cannabis.

What does a body high feel like compared to a head high, and which is more desirable? Do different strains have different results, or are they all in your head? Is it all about indica vs. sativa or something else?

You have questions, and our research offers answers – here’s what cannabis doctors and medical marijuana experts have to say about the head high vs. body high phenomenon.

Sativa vs. Indica: The High Debate

Discussions of head high vs. body high often include comparisons of indica and sativa strains. First-time medical marijuana patients often ask questions like, “is indica a body high, and is sativa a head high?” Traditionally, many cannabis enthusiasts would answer “yes” to these questions, but now we’re considering cannabis in less binary terms. 

There are a few reasons to look beyond “indica strains vs. sativa strains.” For one thing, many differences between these plants have more to do with how they grow than how they feel. These categories are very comprehensive and cover many unique plants. Not all indicas are the same, and not all sativas are the same.

Another reason to go deeper than these two broad strain categories is that pure indicas and pure sativas are becoming increasingly rare. When you peruse the online menu through a Fluent Cannabis dispensary near you, you will likely find that most strains are hybrids. Cannabis strains have been crossbred so often that they now cover a diverse spectrum ranging from pure indicas to pure sativas.

This sounds complicated, but the new way of thinking about cannabis simplifies things for medical marijuana patients. Instead of lumping strains into broad categories, we’re starting to discuss strains concerning the associated types of experiences. That is, is a strain more likely to produce an energetic head high or a relaxing body high?

Learning about your options will make your first medical marijuana dispensary visit less intimidating.

What Is a Body High?

When medical marijuana patients and cannabis experts talk about body-high symptoms, they generally talk about feelings of relaxation throughout the body. At the most extreme, this might be a “couch lock” sensation – an intense feeling of physical relaxation that makes you feel at one with the couch.

Our medical marijuana patients in Florida describe slightly more mellow body highs as soothing their muscles, making them feel limber and loose.

These are the physically relaxing experiences traditionally associated with indica strains. Many medical marijuana patients purchase indicas or indica-derived products for their bedtime routines. That said, there are many hybrids associated with the ability to induce a body high.

To learn more about those strains, continue reading about factors that affect your high, or ask the patient care team at your medical marijuana dispensary in Florida.

What Is a Head High?

A head high is associated with bursts of energy, motivation, and feelings of alertness, especially when contrasted with a body high. People often seek strains associated with head highs when they want to feel creative, do chores around the house, or even get some exercise.

The cerebral experience of a head high is often associated with a sense of being in the zone, making it desirable for large social gatherings and stimulating conversations.

Head highs are traditionally associated with sativa strains. This is why sativa strains attract medical marijuana patients who don’t want to feel too tired to go about their days. However, learning about the nuances of different cannabis strains reveals that achieving a head high is more than simply choosing a sativa or sativa-derived product.

There are also many strains associated with balanced experiences. In other words, head highs and body highs are not mutually exclusive. As you learn about the features that affect your high, you start to see that it’s not a question of “head high vs. body high,” but a combination of different sensations resulting in a unique experience.

Now that you have some cannabis knowledge, you’re ready to learn what to look for when shopping for cannabis.

Do Any Other Factors Affect Your High?

Several factors affect your high, some of which might be even more significant than whether a strain is in an indica or sativa:

  • Does the strain offer a blend of both THC and CBD? CBD and THC may have synergistic results when blended.
  • Which terpenes are present in this strain? Adding CBD to your THC can change the experience, but strains with different terpene levels are associated with other results.
  • For example, Pinene is a terpene associated with feelings of mental and physical relaxation. So if you want to experience a body high, maybe it’s time to embrace the power of Pinene!
  • Myrcene is another common cannabis terpene that’s often associated with calming influences. Choose a strain with high levels of both Pinene and Myrcene, and you’re likely holding the recipe for a body high.
  • For a more energizing buzz, also known as a head high, you might want to look for something with more of the terpene limonene. The citrusy terpene is often associated with an elevated mood.

The good news is that hundreds of terpenes make for endless combinations – each combination producing a unique experience. The even better news is that you don’t have to learn all the terpenes to tailor your cannabis experience to your needs.

All you have to do is describe the outcomes you’re looking for and let our patient care team at your local FLUENT Cannabis dispensary connect you with the ideal strains or products for your needs.

This is not to say that a specific terpene profile guarantees a particular experience. Other factors like your current mood, stress, hunger, energy level, and unique body chemistry can contribute to your experience.

So, Is the High All in Your Head?

Two medical marijuana patients can consume the same amount of the same strain and have different experiences. Does this mean all of our research into terpenes, cannabinoids, and other factors is for nothing?

Some of it may be self-fulfilling – you expect to feel relaxed (or energized), so you do. Some medical marijuana patients remain convinced that every strain makes them feel the same; the only difference is whether they’re high or not.

Pending additional research, it does seem that certain strains are associated with their own developments. However, cannabis is a personal experience, so every individual should look at the research as a starting point, listen to their body, and decide which strains work for them.

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