How Cannabis Could Help With Pain And Inflammation
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How Cannabis Could Help With Pain And Inflammation

Learn Why Cannabis Could Be Your Best Option For Easing Pain And Inflammation Naturally. 

Many people battle pain and inflammation on a chronic basis.

Constant pain can be debilitating and prevent you from enjoying your life or even carrying out everyday activities.

Whether you have pain or inflammation due to a car accident, injury, age, disease, or otherwise, cannabis could help make you more comfortable. Cannabis has been a natural method of pain relief for thousands of years because it can help reduce the body’s pain signals and help block your inflammatory response.

Many people turn to cannabis to treat moderate to severe pain, and it can also help alleviate some of the anxiety and poor moods associated with chronic pain issues. Being free from pain could allow you to tackle your day with ease and work on rehabilitating and healing your injury or pain source. It can also help you experience a more elevated mood, thus improving your overall outlook.

Let’s look at how cannabis could help your pain and inflammation!

How Can Cannabis Help With Pain And Inflammation?

There are several cannabinoids in cannabis that can help to fight pain and inflammation. The main cannabinoids that do this are THC and CBD.

THC works with your body’s CBD2 receptors to fight inflammation at the site of the damage or injury. As a result, it dampens the body’s natural pain-inducing response and helps you to feel relief.

CBD also reduces inflammation by blocking the body’s inflammatory mediators and shifting to activate the cells to repair through the mobilization of white blood cells.

Studies have shown that cannabis can help reduce several kinds of pain, from sciatic nerve pain to inflammatory pain, thanks to its non-psychoactive Cannabidiol compound.

What Kind Of Medical Marijuana Products Are Best For Pain And Inflammation?

There are many different options for easing your chronic pain and inflammation.

However, CBD is the preferred non-psychoactive option for pain and inflammation, as it can help provide ease and relief without the high and euphoria associated with THC.

FLUENT’s Perla CBD Capsules are an easy way to integrate pain relief into your daily schedule. You can take a capsule or two in the morning (or whenever pain strikes) and get on with your day without the psychoactive feeling of smoking or ingesting THC. Capsules provide a pure therapeutic dose of Indica-dominant CBD with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be carried discreetly with you, anywhere you go.

Elara Capsules provide the best of both worlds, with a 1:1 CBD|THC ratio, inducing a mild euphoria, gentle pain relief, and an uplifting head high that will allow you to feel productive and clear-headed. In addition, they are finely balanced, containing both Indica and Sativa medicine.

Several Sublingual Drops available are also beneficial for pain relief, such as Atlas Black Drops.

Sublingual drops are placed under the tongue for fast absorption into the bloodstream.

They provide all of the benefits of using whole flower without the harsh feeling or odor of smoking.

It is best to speak with your Medical Marijuana doctor to determine which method of pain relief may be best for you. You may wish to try capsules, sublingual drops, flower, or a bit of everything.

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