Creativity And Cannabis: How Cannabis Can Help You Unlock Your Creative Genius
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Creativity And Cannabis: How Cannabis Can Help You Unlock Your Creative Genius

Creative Thinking May Be One Beneficial Side Effect Of Medical Marijuana 

It is no secret that cannabis can help you relax and think freely, but did you know it can also help boost your creativity?

That’s right… research suggests cannabis can help you think outside the box and increase the influx of new ideas and associations. 

When you enjoy heightened sensations and altered perspectives, it can help you to unleash your passionate and creative side with fewer inhibitions. The right cannabis strain could help you complete some inspired artworks, crafts, songs, complex work projects, or even spark new plans about how to tackle life’s challenges. 

FLUENT offers a variety of options to relax your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

What Cannabis Options Are Best For Creativity? 

Most find it best to use a pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid to help boost your creativity.

Atlas cartridges and drops are the perfect way to get fast relief while also getting inspired. This strain is a pure Sativa derived from the popular classic, Durban Poison.

Atlas is a wonderful daytime strain that provides clear and functional effects that stimulate creativity, sociability, and overall mood. It’s very energetic and known as one of the purest-feeling Sativa varieties available on the market. This landrace Sativa is known for being invigorating and cerebral, yet not overwhelming. Many users find it helpful for appetite suppression, energy, migraines, and anti-nausea relief.

Odra pre-rolls are also a favored choice for those who love smoking flower. Originating from the beloved classic, OG Kush, this hybrid is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, helping patients to feel euphoric and focused. It is the perfect flower to smoke if you need help feeling creative while enabling potential relief from migraines, stress, and pain.