What Are THC Distillate Cartridges and What Do They Do?

What Are THC Distillate Cartridges and What Do They Do?

Marijuana culture has developed new, unique ways to experience the advantages. When it comes to vaping, liquid live resin (LLR) and distillate are the predominant forms of marijuana available in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the two marijuana concentrates are polar opposites regarding the science behind them, including the outcomes for the user and how the concentrates are derived. 

So, what is the difference between liquid live resin and distillate cartridges? Do these differences take part in determining your desired experience? At FLUENT, we’d love to help you make an informed decision for your specific needs by breaking down all the important differences in distillate vs. LLR cartridges. 

What Does Distillate Mean and What is a Distillate Cartridge? 

A distillate cartridge is a marijuana concentrate produced from various marijuana extracts. Distillate cartridges contain highly distilled and nearly isolated marijuana extracts that can be extracted into the oil. The extracted crude oil has a lot of potential because of its strength and purity and can be crafted into marijuana edibles and vape cartridges. 

All unwanted compounds are removed during distillation, leaving the desired marijuana extract in its purest form. That makes distillate cartridges excellent if you’re after a specific concentrate with a particular outcome or flavor. 

These Are Different Than LLR Cartridges 

LLR (liquid live resin) cartridges are marijuana concentrates known for their full flavor profiles. These cartridges undergo extraction, which retains a full spectrum of marijuana plant concentrate. They’re then winterized to keep the product fresh for longer periods of time. 

Unlike the distillate cartridge that undergoes distillation, the liquid live resin goes straight into a cartridge. LLR cartridges are excellent if you’re looking for a compound profile of the whole marijuana plant in your product, including the smell and flavor of marijuana strains. 

So How is a Distillate Cartridge Different? 

Vape cartridges are not created equally, and with the ever-expanding world of marijuana, it’s crucial to understand what differentiates marijuana concentrates. There are many differences between live resin and distillate, including different extraction processes, potencies, flavors, and experiences. 

The Extraction Process of Distillate

The main difference between these two types of extracts is that live resin is obtained from fresh marijauna plants, while distillate comes from dried, cured buds. The process of extracting cannabinoids varies depending on the type of solvent used. Some solvents may not extract certain compounds, such as CBN (cannabinol) or THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin). Decarboxylation and Winterization are also important steps in the production of both types of extracts.

With live resin, live marijuana is harvested and immediately frozen. The live resin is then decarboxylated using lab-grade equipment to obtain liquid live resin. Conversely, a distillate is produced from dried, cured marijuana at room temperature combined with either CO2, ethanol, or butane. The mixture undergoes distillation using heat, pressure, and steam. 

Terpene Content 

Live resin is very high in terpenes, while distillate is most often void of terpenes. Terpenes include active compounds responsible for the smell, taste/flavor, and outcomes of different strains of the marijuana plant. 

The main purpose of creating live resin is to retain a high percentage of terpene content in marijuana concentrates. With most terpenes left untouched, the live resin features the full spectrum of the original marijuana plant. On the contrary, distillate is less flavorful because it lacks terpenes. Instead, distillate prioritizes more pure and stronger marijuana concentrate. 

The Entourage Effect 

An entourage effect only works when many marijuana compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids, work together. Most marijuana users believe retaining all marijuana’s compounds is the best way to maximize the plant’s advantages. For instance, adding non-marijuana terpenes to distillate is not as favorable as adding the original terpenes removed in distillation. 

The Smoking Experience 

When it comes to live resin vs. distillate, it all comes down to your preference. You may want to vape odorless distillate, enjoy high concentrations of THC, or the juicy, vibrant live resin. 

THC levels in live resin range from 20-50%, meaning that you’ll get a subtle psychoactive high from the live resin concentration. Meanwhile, THC levels in distillate range from 60-95%, a concentration that will give you a much more intense high. 

Find Distillate Cartridges and LLR at FLUENT today! 

Both distillate and LLR cartridges are carefully crafted to offer different purposes. Which is right for you solely depends on your needs and preferences. The bottom line is that it’s important to consider the quality and purity of a product when selecting any marijuana concentrate. You also want to choose a concentrate compatible with your needs because each concentrate is crafted differently. 

So, are you looking for classic LLR or distillate vapes in Pennsylvania? FLUENT has you covered with both concentrates. You don’t have to do trial and error because we can help inform you about the available options and offer appropriate insight into the extracts that might work best for your needs. 

Whether you find relief from distillate cartridges or different flavors of LLR cartridges, your local FLUENT dispensary will offer unparalleled services. Our marijuana products are readily available to all 21+ Pennsylvania adult residents with a valid medical marijuana card and ID.