Understanding High CBD Strains vs THC Strains of Flower

Understanding High CBD Strains vs THC Strains of Flower

With so many medical marijuana strains available, MMJ patients, especially first-time consumers, wonder about the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentages indicated on medical marijuana flowers. Should you grab a high CBD flower or a high THC strain? This piece gives you more insight into these two popular strains to help you choose your best fit.

The Difference Between High CBD flower vs THC flower?

CBD and THC have therapeutic effects, particularly on the endocannabinoid system, a human body system that plays a vital role in maintaining homeostasis. They are also associated with other properties such as appetite, sleep, mood, memory, and fertility.

Medical marijuana flowers contain a different percentage of THC and CBD depending on various factors such as harvesting and processing. For example, the CBD-dominant flower contains between 10% and 20% CBD concentrations, while the THC-dominant flower has about 10% to 25% THC concentration. There is also sometimes a blend of THCa and THC in flower. There is also a balanced strain that contains approximately 5-10 percent of each cannabinoid.

These cannabinoids don’t work the same way, and their impacts are felt differently. They interact and bind with different brain receptors differently. A high THC flower is highly psychoactive (makes you high), while a high CBD flower has no psychoactive effects (does not produce a high).

Which flower do you prefer? A high CBD flower or a high THC flower?

How to Know if Flower is High THC or High CBD

Determining whether your flower contains high THC or CBD concentration by a mere look is never easy. It would be best to examine the labeling on the dispensary packages to know the percentage of each cannabinoid before purchasing. In most cases, labels are comprehensive and show other cannabinoids such as Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabigerol (CBG).

If the label shows a high percentage of, say, CBD (at least 10 %), the level of THC is likely to be too low, approximately 1 percent or lower. Similarly, a high THC flower may contain a low CBD concentration. In some cases, the cannabinoid concentrations can be expressed in ration form.

How can you tell which proportion is perfect for you? People consume different strains for different reasons. Therefore, before purchasing or determining your best product, it is key to understand your specific goals and the benefits of each flower.

Advantages of High CBD Strains

High CBD Strains Can Enhance sleep

Do you know that you are likely to have a poor immune system if you frequently experience poor sleep? Consuming CBD-rich flowers mitigates stress issues, making you enjoy a relaxed sleep.

High CBD Flower is Known for Therapeutic Properties

According to research studies, high CBD flowers have neuroprotective properties that drastically relieve pain and headaches. They are also believed to lower blood pressure and significantly reduce the chances of developing cardiac problems and inflammation of internal organs.

Get a More Relaxing Experience With High CBD Strains

Consuming CBD-rich flowers will quickly give you relaxation without necessarily making you high. Unlike high THC flower, the high CBD strain will promote your focus and alertness and is unlikely to leave you couch-locked or feeling sluggish.

Benefits of High THC Flower

Provides pain relief

Around 1.5 billion individuals worldwide deal with nerve-related or neuropathic pain. Recent studies show that consuming high THC content makes receptors in the nervous system prevent sending pain signals to the brain.

Enhance sleep

Like high CBD flowers, consuming high THC flowers can help you get a restful sleep.

Increases appetite over time

High THC strains increase appetite, suitable for many alignments and digestive issues.


High THC flowers are naturally proactive and have a higher potency than high CBD flowers.

Benefits of Using CBD and THC Together

While CBD and THC have individual benefits, they can produce better results when paired together. Some benefits include:

Reduce the high

THC naturally intoxicates, while CBD does not. CBD also significantly reduces the memory impairment and paranoia associated with THC. The selective pairing of the two will give you therapeutic benefits without necessarily making you feel they psychoactive effects.

Enhanced effects

As discussed above, THC and CBD have numerous similar or different medicinal properties. Combined, they give better relief from discomfort and pain, improved sleep, and other therapeutic benefits.

The Perfect CBD:THC Ratio

Which cannabinoid do you guess should be higher? Any can be higher, but the more the THC, the higher the intoxication, and the lower the THC, the lower the intoxication. Some of the pairing ratios you are likely to encounter in the market are:

CBD: THC – 1:1

Scientifically, this ratio is considered the best. It means that there are equal units of THC to CBD. This combination can still make you feel considerably high but will minimize other THC negative effects such as paranoia.

CBD: THC – 2:1

This ratio means that there is only one unit of THC in every two units of CBD. So you will undoubtedly feel uplifted, but the feeling will be mild.

CBD: THC – 8:1

In this combination, the concentration of CBD significantly outpaces THC, eightfold. Therefore, it is the perfect combination for daytime consumption as it keeps you a bit elevated but in a very productive and functional mode.

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