Tips for First-Time MMJ Patients in Pennsylvania

Tips for First-Time MMJ Patients in Pennsylvania

If you’re a first-time MMJ patient, you likely have many questions and maybe even some concerns that have gone unanswered by your medical provider.

What Is Medical Marijuana or MMJ?

All of these terms refer to marijuana that is used for medical purposes. If you are reading these tips, you are likely a first-time user prescribed a medical marijuana card for a chronic or acute medical condition. A patient may use medical marijuana for many ailments. While many conditions have not been studied specifically in conjunction with marijuana use, we know that the most common reasons that MMJ patients typically try medical marijuana are because they want to improve or alleviate the following issues:

  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Symptoms of PTSD

Many patients choose MMJ because it represents a naturally-based solution to a chronic problem, while others simply follow the recommendations of their medical provider. Whatever led you here, we’re glad you’re considering Fluent to assist you with your very first MMJ experience!

What To Expect When You Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Humans don’t like change. This means that along with a fear of meeting new people, starting a new job, or changing a long-held routine, trying a new supplement can be anxiety-provoking. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your marijuana when you stick with Fluent, but you may have some questions about the experience itself. When your doctor in Pennsylvania prescribed MMJ, this means that you have access to (or have already received) your medical marijuana card and approved you for your state’s medical marijuana program.

This medical marijuana card gives patients with any of these pre-approved serious medical conditions access to medical marijuana products such as those that you smoke — the actual buds and flowers or pre-rolled joints — or edibles, which are products that you eat. You may choose one over the other for personal or medical reasons. For example, if you already know that you don’t enjoy the sensation of smoking, you may only purchase gummies. If you prefer to smoke, we can help you find a strain that is most appropriate for your condition and lifestyle.

Tips for Making The Most Out of Your First Experience

While we hope that everyone has a great first experience that prompts them to return again and again, we know that you may deal with confusion if you’ve never partaken of a joint, an edible, or even a brownie at a friend’s party! Even if you have smoked a joint before, medical marijuana patients can have a very different experience if they use lower doses on a more frequent basis. 

Before you buy your first MMJ product, it can make you feel better to do some background reading on marijuana in general, how it works, and how it may help your specific medical condition. If you’re too tired — or too sick — to read through scientific material, consider speaking with your doctor about what to expect, asking friends who have tried MMJ, or contact us. It’s important to choose the right strain as well as the right type of product. Taking too much, or starting with a product you don’t like, can taint your experience and turn you off to the MMJ world before you’ve even started! Reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Why Would a Patient Use MMJ Instead of Other Supplements or Medications?

There are numerous reasons why a patient may opt for medical marijuana instead of starting another form of treatment. We can’t speak for everyone, but many long-time patients who choose us as their MMJ provider claim they simply found that MMJ helps them feel better overall or targets a specific issue they may be struggling with. 

Others turn to MMJ in hopes that they will not experience uncomfortable side effects. Some may use it as an add-on in conjunction with their usual medication regimen to improve sleep or blunt the effects of chronic pain that accompany so many conditions. 

Contact FLUENT Today

Whatever your reason for choosing MMJ, rest assured that you have selected a high-quality provider of marijuana products in Fluent. If you have questions about our products, concerns about your first time trying MMJ, or inquiries about the marijuana community in Pennsylvania, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to talk to you! Get in touch with us at 1-833-735-8368 or fill out our convenient contact form today. Plus, you can always visit one of our dispensary locations in person, you can find us in HanoverAnneville, and Mechanicsburg.