The Benefits of Sativa and Indica
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The Benefits of Sativa and Indica

Sativa and indica, though of the same species, have a huge difference in their physiological effect and appearance. 

2018 study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health shows that cannabis use is on the rise among adults considering it is a versatile form of medication. It is also used for recreational purposes. Cannabis products have many differences, considering different strains produce different effects and have other benefits and outcomes. 

At FLUENT Cannabis, we use sativa and indica to provide you with premium cannabis products in Florida. We have dispensaries in multiple locations with competent and well-trained staff that will ensure you get exceptional services and experiences.

In addition, FLUENT Cannabis offers you cannabis education that might empower you to make informed decisions when selecting our FLUENT Cannabis products such as flower, pre-rolls, vape, extract, drops, edibles, capsule, and cream products.

What Determines Sativa or Indica

Sativa and indica, though of the same species, have a huge difference in their physiological effect and appearance. The indica plant is short and bushy with short and wide leaves, while the sativa plant is taller and slimmer with long, thin, and pointed leaves. 

The terpene compounds in the marijuana plant determines whether it is a sativa or indica product. Myrcene is the common terpene compound found in most marijuana products. If it is more than 0.5%, the strain is considered an indica; when it is less than 0.5%, it is considered sativa. 

Sativa Vs. Indica: Benefits and Medical Efficacy

Always strive to find products that suit the symptoms or discomforts you are trying to ease since indica and sativa differ in medical efficacy. In essence, our dispensaries have a broad spectrum of sativa and indica products to ensure we have the right products available for your needs, lifestyle, and preference.

FLUENT Cannabis’ indica products have great benefits when used at night after concluding your day’s work. They give you a “body high” effect, decreasing your energy levels and inducing a relaxation effect. In addition, indica products improve your general well-being by easing discomforts and managing anxiousness.

Our sativa products are of great benefit when used during the day, as they give you a “mind high” effect that increases your productivity. In addition, sativa products provide you with enough energy required to sustain your job and handle other family responsibilities.

When looking for the right FLUENT Cannabis products in Florida, consider the following:

  • Medical History 

You must consult your healthcare provider before utilizing a FLUENT Cannabis Care product for any possible interactions with your pre-existing medical condition. Doing so is key to preventing any adverse concerns about your health.

  • Desired Consumption Method

All the methods of consuming our marijuana products have drawbacks and benefits. For instance, you might feel the effects faster when vaping a product and longer when chewing edibles, though the results are much more potent than inhalation.

  • Your Tolerance 

Some marijuana strains have more tolerable and mild effects than others. Other products have high cannabinoid levels, which might be potent for first-time users. 

  • What You Are Trying to Achieve

What you are trying to feel or manage might help you narrow down options when selecting a marijuana product. But, again, you can consult with our dispensary staff to help you choose the right product.

Sativa Benefits

  • Enhances creativity

Consider our FLUENT Cannabis sativa products when searching for something to boost your creativity and sharpen your focus. They boost your energy levels, increasing your creativity and productivity when trying to do creative work.

  • Boosts confidence

Sometimes anxiety among adults makes them feel awkward among people, making it difficult for them to make friends and engage in stable relationships. Our sativa products might help boost your self-confidence and creativity, making communication and interactions easier and happier.

Indica Benefits

  • Managing Stress

Our products are the best for relaxation and managing stress after a hard and busy day or work out. Indica increases dopamine production, which promotes rest and recovery by shifting the focus away from stress, providing your body with a wave of peace.

  • Managing pain and inflammation

Our indica drops and vape products have full-spectrum cannabidiol oils that work together with other cannabinoids to give you an entourage effect, easing discomforts.

You need to consult your doctor for more information when curious about how our FLUENT Cannabis products might help you. Your doctor might guide you accordingly by educating you on the potential positive and negative effects on your health and recommend a FLUENT Cannabis product that might suit your needs.

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