I’m A Medical Marijuana First-Time Patient: What Should I Do?

I’m A Medical Marijuana First-Time Patient: What Should I Do?

February 15, 2018, was a day of relief for MMJ patients in greater Pennsylvania. The state legalized medical marijuana and opened dispensaries all over.

February 15, 2018, was a day of relief for MMJ patients in greater Pennsylvania. The state legalized medical marijuana and opened dispensaries all over. There were many patients with medical cards lined up eagerly awaiting their turn to access natural alternatives for their ailments, including MMJ flower, tinctures, and other cannabis products.

Until complete legalization happens, which 58% of the commonwealth supports, medical will be the only option, but it is still a wonderful opening into the world of cannabis for those weary of prescription pills.

For those of you in the Pennsylvania area who are wondering about entering the realm of MMJ, here is a little guide to help.

Do I Qualify for MMJ Flower?

In order to obtain your medical marijuana card, you must get a doctor’s recommendation showing that you have any of the 23 qualifying conditions ranging from chronic pain and terminal illness to anxiety and loss of appetite. Many patients who actively qualify for MMJ are the elderly with glaucoma, cancer, or anxiety. Many are also beginning to see the benefits of MMJ they didn’t otherwise see through the years of counterculture and misinformation.

It’s a confusing stage of society to be in, and that’s why guidance and consolation are necessary. Getting patients exactly what they need is key in making them feel healthier and at ease. A lot of doctors in Pennsylvania won’t recommend patients with severe schizoid disorders, or young teenagers, due to developing minds and also the possibility of a psychotic breakdown.

To begin the process, our dispensary website has a page to help you through the MMJ card registration. On the top toolbar, click “Get/Renew MMJ Card” and in four easy steps, you will be on your way to getting the relief you need.

If you already got your card, congratulations. You are probably wondering what the next step is. What kind of cannabis flower should I get? What is a good dispensary? How much can I buy? These are all pertinent questions.

Buying MMJ Flower For The First Time

Your first time doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here at FLUENT we have incredible patient care. We use a four-layer testing process on all our products and offer a wide array of MMJ flower for you to choose from.

Make sure to start with a low amount. It is never a good idea to vape too much if you aren’t familiar with THC or CBD effects.

Flower comes in set amounts that are hermetically sealed and measured by professionals. There are tons of high-quality brands as well. You can get grams, eighths, quarters, and even ounces. Medical marijuana allows you to purchase up to a 30-day supply at one time.

What Is a 30 Day Supply?

A 30-day supply is:

  • Up to 14 non-dry leaf cannabis items per day
  • Up to 21 grams of dry flower per day
  • A maximum of four ounces a month

Our budtenders will help guide you through that purchase, whether with cannabis flower, tinctures, or otherwise.

What Are Strains and Types of Flower?

Strains are the subspecies of cannabis flower that have their own terpene and THC profile. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis different scents and effects like relaxation or potential body discomfort relief. THC is a cannabinoid that gives you a high feeling. With the entourage effect, these elements interlock to give cannabis the full-bodied experience cannabis patients know and love.

Strains can be anything like OG Kush, Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, or Skywalker OG. Strain names depend on the brand and grower usually.

Species of flower are categorized into three types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. These are important to know since they will determine the overall experience you will have. Sativa’s are known to give you a “head high”. It is taken usually for reported energy boosts, increase in creativity, and overall euphoria. Indica is a variety of cannabis that gives you a sedated, sleepy feeling. Many report being relieved of pain and there is also an increase in appetite and possible anti-inflammatory elements. If you want a mix of both, don’t be afraid of hybrids. That can give you the best of both worlds.

Also ask about 1:1 ratio flower and cannabis products, as well as CBD products.