FLUENT Dictionary

FLUENT Dictionary

Dive into our FLUENT Dictionary, your educational guide to the diverse terms and phrases of the cannabis world. This dictionary will decode the language of cannabis, from everyday language to specialist slang, enriching your understanding of cannabis culture.


“710” is the secret code for “OIL” when the digits are flipped. 710 is a slang used by cannabis enthusiasts to refer to cannabis concentrates.


Botanical-derived terpenes, compounds extracted from non-cannabis plants, used to replicate or enhance the scent and flavor profiles in cannabis products, chosen for their resemblance to CDTs.


A water pipe that uses water to cool and filter cannabis smoke, providing a smoother inhalation experience.


Also known as Ganja, Herb, Chronic, Mary Jane; a plant that produces the psychoactive drug Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol.


Magical molecules in the cannabis kingdom! They dance with your body’s receptors, influencing everything from your moods to your munchies.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

The tranquil sage of cannabinoids, famous for its tranquil essence and therapeutic benefits, CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that calms the spirit without the psychoactive journey.

CBN (Cannabinol)

A cannabis compound derived from aged THC, offering mild sedation without strong psychoactive effects, indicating therapeutic potential.


Cannabis-derived terpenes, which are natural compounds responsible for the flavors and aromas in cannabis.

CO2 Distillate

A cannabis concentrate produced through a specialized distillation process using carbon dioxide, celebrated for its purity and potency.


A robust cannabis derivative crafted by extracting the plant’s vital compounds, commonly utilized in dabbing or vaping for a potent effect.


A dry-mouthed side-effect from cannabis, summoning an intense thirst as vast as the deserts.


A state of deep relaxation resulting from certain strains of cannabis that might just anchor you comfortably to your furniture.


Think of cannabis connoisseurs, similar to sommeliers, offering wisdom in the dispensary domain on various strains and effects.


A method of enjoying cannabis concentrates by vaporizing on a hot surface and inhaling for a swift and intense effect.


Treats infused with cannabis that navigate through the liver, unfurling their effects slowly but with lasting presence.

Endocannabinoid System

A vast cell-signaling system within our bodies, comprised of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids, playing a part in regulating various bodily functions.


A state of sublime joy, bliss, and comfort often associated with the use of cannabis.


Uncelebrated yet potent plant compounds, bringing a pinch of medicinal magic to the table, not excluding cannabis.


The bloom or the flowering part of the cannabis plant, generally used for inhalation or vaporization.


A global anthem of cannabis culture, signaling either a time to light up or a date to commemorate.


A term that describes top-quality marijuana, distinguished by potent effects and a notable, delightful scent and flavor, often a result of diligent cultivation and curing practices.


A gadget for grinding cannabis flowers into finer fragments, easing the preparation for joint rolling or vaporizer loading.


The experience induced by cannabis consumption, is highlighted by the psychoactive impacts of THC.


A cannabis strain crafted by interbreeding indica and sativa varieties, delivering a mixture of effects.


Organic compounds made solely of carbon and hydrogen, frequently employed in the extraction process to isolate desired substances from the cannabis plant.


Known for its tranquil, soothing, and sedative effects, these strains are often linked with relaxation and evening use.


A rolled cannabis cigarette, often crafted with delicate rolling paper and cherished for its simplicity.


The everyday champion of cannabis, these mid-grade strains offer a balance of affordability and enjoyment.


An increase in appetite as a side-effect from cannabis, igniting a craving for snacks.


Stands for “Ocean Grown,” or “Original Gangster,” denoting cannabis strains with potent effects and lineage to esteemed original genetics, especially from the U.S. West Coast.


The unique characteristics of a cannabis plant, showcasing distinct traits from leaf hues to the ambiance it creates.

Ratio Products

The duets of the cannabis world, offering a balanced melody of THC and CBD for a combined euphoric and therapeutic effect.


A compact, water pipe-like device used for vaping potent cannabis concentrates. It features a nail to heat the concentrate and a water chamber that cools the vapor, ensuring each hit is smooth and flavorful.


A pure, chemical-free concentrate extracted with just heat and pressure, capturing the plant’s full flavor and potency


RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, harnesses the full spectrum of cannabis’ power, delivering a robust, tar-like extract that encapsulates the plant’s entire range of beneficial compounds, known for its potent and comprehensive effects


Celebrated for its invigorating and energizing properties, often preferred for daytime application.


The communal ceremony of cannabis consumption is affectionately shortened to “sesh.”

Solventless concentrate

A type of cannabis extract acquired without chemical solvents, using physical methods like pressure or temperature to condense the plant’s active components.


Fragrant oils that impart distinctive flavors and effects to plants, including cannabis.

The Entourage Effect

A theory that suggests the ensemble of cannabis components from terpenes to cannabinoids work in concert to amplify the overall effect.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The main mind-altering ingredient in cannabis, responsible for the euphoric high.


Cannabis tinctures are concentrated, liquid extracts of cannabis, often administered with a dropper, that offers a smoke-free alternative to experiencing the plant’s effects.


Referring to the pinnacle of cannabis quality, evaluated by criteria like potency, aroma, taste, appearance, and the care given during growth and processing.


Minute, sparkling structures on cannabis buds containing cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the plant’s strength and taste.

Vape Cart

A cartridge pre-filled with concentrated cannabis oil, paired with a vaporizer for a discreet and convenient usage.


Slang for an ounce, bundling up a substantial amount of cannabis.