Distillates vs. Tinctures: What’s the difference?

Distillates vs. Tinctures: What’s the difference?

Even though they may appear to be the same, distillates and tinctures differ in some ways. Thus, before using either of them, check to determine if they adequately meet your needs. 

The THC and CBD must be extracted and distilled from marijuana or hemp plants before they can be used to make cannabis products. In that case, extraction produces tincture, and distillation creates distillate. Many individuals seem to believe that tincture and distillate are the same substance, which may surprise knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs. Of course, they appear similar, but looks can be deceiving! So, here’s a little primer from FLUENT Cannabis Care on distillates vs. tinctures.

What are Cannabis Distillates?

Distillates are a thick, golden new form of cannabis obtained from the refinement of cannabis resin. Distillation’s main purpose is to enable the processor to extract desired compounds from unsuitable cannabis plant material.

Cannabis distillates are commonly used in vape cartridges, edibles like baked goods and candies, topicals, and other products like infused joints or moon rocks. Distillates tend to be potent because it isolates a specific substance.

Distillation by heating and condensing a liquid extract enables an extractor to separate certain compounds from the marijuana or hemp plant. Cannabis distillates are pure isolates of a compound, such as THC that are nearly 100 percent pure.

Cannabis Distillate Benefits

Distillates are a low-cost, simple isolation method for getting high concentrations of solvent-free cannabis substances. They have a mild flavor and scent, making them ideal for edibles and vape pens. Cannabis distillate is also used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products to address a variety of illnesses and health issues. Furthermore, they have been demonstrated to be effective in treating pain, stress, depression, and even symptoms associated with cancer illness.

What are Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts made up of glycerin, alcohol, and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Until the US government implemented the marijuana ban, tinctures were the most used form of marijuana prescription. They’re an ideal starting point for medical and recreational users because they may be dropped into meals or drinks and absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

It is recommended to begin with a small dose while using cannabis tincture; therefore, examine the concentration of any tincture you intend to use and establish your dose amount on the information provided.

Cannabis Tincture Benefits

Cannabis tinctures have some advantages that make them an ideal product. For example, they are undetectable, allowing you to avoid odor while still reaping the benefits of marijuana. It’s also simple to store in a small bottle in your bag.

Tinctures have rapid effects, which means they take effect immediately. While a cannabis edible can take more than an hour to take effect, tinctures can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. As a result, tinctures allow you to rapidly comprehend marijuana impacts after use before engaging in other activities. It’s also simple to administer, making it ideal for patients who are into a little at a time or take their medication privately.

So, What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Distillate and Tinctures?

You might be wondering what the difference is between distillates and tinctures. As you can see from the discussion, there is a distinction between distillate and tincture.

Distillates, for example, are a pure, very potent, concentrated extraction that can be consumed in a variety of ways. Whereas tinctures are tasty, less potent, solvent-based infusions that are typically used in edibles. They’re referred to as sublingual concentrates because they’re dropped beneath the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream.

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