Different Ways of Utilizing Medical Marijuana in Florida

Different Ways of Utilizing Medical Marijuana in Florida

A quick look at the different ways to consume medical marijuana and, what kinds of MMJ are available for sale in Florida.

Once you receive your Florida medical marijuana card, you might realize that you have more questions than answers. For example, plenty of new MMJ patients find themselves wondering where to buy medical marijuana in Florida, what different types of cannabis are available, and how to choose the best products to suit their needs.

But by far, the most common question we receive at our FL medical marijuana dispensaries is: what are the different ways to consume medical marijuana? And more specifically, what kinds of MMJ are available for sale in FL?

We’ve created a short and simple guide to help you make the most of your cannabis journey, highlighting the various options you have for incorporating medical marijuana into your wellness routine.

Different Ways to Utilize Medical Marijuana in Florida

For years, cannabis advocates have been working diligently to increase awareness about the many benefits of medical marijuana. And as a growing number of people understand how to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes, many individuals are turning to MMJ to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Current research shows us that medical marijuana is a potential treatment option for many conditions, including epilepsy, chronic pain, and even the side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabinoids, a diverse group of chemical compounds naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, are proving to be incredibly versatile and effective. 

Before you visit your local medical marijuana dispensary in Florida, here is a helpful breakdown of the many different ways to consume cannabis.

Medical cannabis flower

Cannabis flower is generally the most common and best-known type of medical marijuana, mainly because there are many different methods of enjoying it. For example, some MMJ patients use flower to prepare homemade cannabis edibles, but most opt for smoking it the more traditional way. 

Depending on your preferences, FLUENT dispensary staff can help you decide if flower is the right option for you – and, if so, how you might prefer to consume it. For example, many patients opt to purchase a cannabis pre-roll (a pre-rolled cannabis cigarette) for the sake of convenience. Others would prefer to buy flower, grinding and rolling it themselves, while others like smoking their cannabis using a specialty pipe.

Vaping cannabis flower using a dry herb vaporizer is one of the newest options available to consumers. It’s a smoke-free alternative that many people are turning to, especially those that want to avoid the potential health risks involved in burning and smoking marijuana. 

Medical marijuana cartridges

If vaporizing cannabis sounds like it may be a good fit for you, you might want to consider medical cannabis cartridges. These pre-filled cartridges deliver cannabinoids and terpenes via smoke-free vapor, just as vaporizing flower does. But, since they are filled with liquid forms of cannabis, such as potent cannabis distillates, you can enjoy the same effects while spending less time inhaling.

Medical marijuana tinctures

Marijuana tinctures and other liquid products are available in different forms, including easy-to-dispense syringes and dropper-top bottles. These products are designed for oral or sublingual consumption (drops placed directly under the tongue) and require virtually no effort or time on your part.

One of the many benefits of these types of MMJ is that you can select products that contain THC, CBD, or even both. This way, you can tailor your cannabis experience to suit your exact needs.

Medical cannabis topicals

For MMJ patients searching for localized relief of symptoms like pain or inflammation, marijuana topicals are often ideal. Designed to be applied directly to the skin, these creams, gels, lotions, sticks, and other products are quick and straightforward! Additionally, topical THC does not pass to the bloodstream. So, if you’re concerned that you may be overly sensitive to THC or want to minimize any psychoactive effects of cannabis, topicals could be the way to go.

Purchase High-Quality Medical Marijuana in Florida from FLUENT Cannabis

When it comes to reaping the full benefits of cannabis, choosing products that suit your needs is vital. But equally important is selecting a reputable dispensary that can offer an outstanding selection of medical marijuana strains and products – and here in Florida, FLUENT is proud to be the very best. 

With MMJ dispensaries in Orlando, Coral Springs, Jacksonville, Miami, and many more cities, FLUENT has become Sunshine State’s trusted premium, medical-grade cannabis provider. Our experienced team is always available to help you navigate your options and provide knowledgeable guidance to make informed and confident purchases. And because our dispensaries carry a wide variety of cannabis from the top brands and cultivators in the industry, you can always count on finding exceptional options to choose from to meet your needs.

For more information about how to buy cannabis in Florida, including details about the latest in medical marijuana news and research, contact FLUENT or visit one of our dispensaries today.