Cannabis Culture: Lessons Learned With FLUENT CEO Robert Beasley

Cannabis Culture: Lessons Learned With FLUENT CEO Robert Beasley

Learning To Manage The Cannabis Culture With FLUENT CEO Robert Beasley

The cannabis industry is a dynamic and evolving sector, with tremendous growth potential and unique challenges. In an interview with Robert Beasley, CEO of FLUENT Cannabis Care, he shares his experiences and provides valuable insights for aspiring leaders in the cannabis business. In this blog, we will provide a recap of Mr. Beasley’s interview with Authority Magazine and we’ll dive into Robert Beasley’s journey, the exciting projects undertaken by FLUENT Cannabis Care, concerns within the industry, and the importance of understanding legacy cannabis culture.

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Robert Beasley’s Journey in the Cannabis Industry

Robert Beasley, a native Floridian and lawyer by trade, found himself immersed in the cannabis industry through his involvement in the legislative and regulatory processes in Florida. Initially approaching the industry as an academic pursuit, Robert became actively involved in the early stages of cannabis legalization in the state. He worked with various operators seeking to obtain cannabis licenses and played a key role in the revitalization of FLUENT, one of Florida’s largest medical cannabis brands. After serving as a consultant and board member, Robert was appointed as the CEO in September 2020.

Lessons Learned: Understanding Legacy Cannabis Culture

One of the most enlightening aspects of Robert Beasley’s journey has been understanding and bridging the gap between legacy cannabis growers and traditional business verticals. He recognized the cultural clashes that exist within the industry and sought to create symbiosis between different perspectives. By incorporating the experiences and knowledge of legacy growers, FLUENT Cannabis Care aims to blend the best of both worlds and create a successful corporate structure that respects the roots of the cannabis culture.

Embracing Scientific Knowledge

Robert Beasley emphasizes the importance of deepening the understanding of the science behind cannabis products. He acknowledges that there have been missteps in the industry due to a lack of education about the plant and its properties. By fostering a deeper understanding of cannabis, companies can more efficiently develop and market their products. FLUENT Cannabis Care continues to learn and adapt, focusing on the benefits of hydrocarbon extracts, concentrates, and other innovative products to meet the needs of medical patients.

Exciting Projects: Innovative Marketing and Product Expansion

FLUENT Cannabis Care has been proactive in adopting clever and innovative marketing strategies within the boundaries of marketing regulations. By understanding the need for efficiency and long-term business planning, they divested in certain markets and focused on their Florida operations, resulting in significant market share growth. FLUENT Cannabis Care also expanded its product line to include hydrocarbon extracts, concentrates, and THC chocolates, catering to evolving consumer preferences and demands.

Industry Concerns: Volatility, Illicit Market, and Social Equity

Robert Beasley highlights three main concerns within the cannabis industry. First, he acknowledges the volatility of the market, which has experienced significant price compression and the need for a hard reset due to rapid, uncontrolled growth. Second, he expresses concerns about the illicit market, emphasizing the importance of consumer safety and regulation. Lastly, he addresses the challenge of implementing successful social equity programs that provide opportunities for marginalized communities without burdening them with unrealistic licensing requirements.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders: Lessons Learned

Based on his experience, Robert Beasley shares five valuable insights for individuals leading a cannabis business:

  • Understanding Legacy Cannabis Culture: Learn about the history, struggles, and experiences of legacy growers to bridge cultural gaps within the industry.
  • Embrace Scientific Knowledge: Deepen your understanding of the science behind cannabis to develop more efficient and effective products.
  • Challenges in Employment: Recognize the unique employment challenges faced by the cannabis industry due to federal illegality and strive to create incentives that motivate and retain employees.
  • Distinguishing Effective Techniques: Rely on reliable data and evidence-based practices rather than anecdotal evidence to determine what works and what doesn’t in the cannabis industry.
  • Scaling the Business: Understand the challenges of scaling cannabis operations and adapt legacy techniques and processes to accommodate growth effectively.

As a person of influence, Robert Beasley advocates for a movement that brings access to clean drinking water to people in need. Recognizing the importance of this basic necessity, he has actively participated in campaigns to provide reliable, clean water to communities lacking access. By addressing this fundamental need, other opportunities for growth and development can emerge.

Robert Beasley’s journey in the cannabis industry offers valuable lessons and insights for aspiring leaders. By understanding legacy cannabis culture, embracing scientific knowledge, and focusing on employee growth, companies can thrive in this dynamic industry. FLUENT Cannabis Care sets an example by adopting innovative marketing strategies, expanding their product line, and prioritizing consumer safety. However, challenges remain, including market volatility, the illicit market, and the implementation of successful social equity programs. As the industry evolves, leaders must adapt, foster collaboration, and drive positive change to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for the cannabis industry.