10 Myths about Cannabis

10 Myths about Cannabis

If the world of cannabis taught us anything, it is that many people have misconceptions about it. Who knew that cultivating a plant could also cultivate a myriad of myths and questions about cannabis?

If the world of cannabis taught us anything, it is that many people have misconceptions about it. Who knew that cultivating a plant could also cultivate a myriad of myths and questions about cannabis? Cannabis is both revered and reviled by the world, and there is a lot of smoke being blown. Here are 10 myths about cannabis we will debunk for you, courtesy of Florida’s own FLUENT Cannabis.

1. Cannabis Is Addicting

So, this is with a caveat. Any substance can be addictive if used to the detriment of health and life. Cannabis has the ability to be addictive, but it isn’t a widely experienced addiction. While cannabis in the eyes of US law is considered a Schedule 1 substance, cannabis is overall not incredibly addictive. Anyone is capable of being psychologically dependent on cannabis, and cannabis overuse can cause a stunted dopamine reaction. Anything can be addictive. 1 in 11 people in recent studies deals with cannabis addiction. The percentage is low, but the risk still exists.

2. Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug

We all remember sitting in a high school auditorium while people with DARE T-shirts told us that “weed is a gateway drug”. They showed pictures of junkies and addicts, saying “It just takes one puff.” While it does take one puff to introduce you to cannabis, a majority of cannabis aficionados don’t use hard drugs. Many haven’t even tried them. Cannabis is a substance to enjoy all on its own. One item can’t suddenly cause an urge to become a drug fiend. Cannabis is safely enjoyed on its own all over the world.

3. Cannabis Makes You Lazy

There is a common saying for indica: “in da couch” and while it can be easy to puff and chill, cannabis doesn’t always make you lazy. Many athletes, artists, and people with active lifestyles love to incorporate cannabis into everyday use, including energizing sativa or mellowing CBD. Certain strains cause a creative head high and others can cause the infamous “couchlock” where your only activity is sleep and Netflix. Each strain and each body type affects everyone differently, so generalizing is unfair and not true.

4. Cannabis Leads to Crime

If that were true, everyone who has ever smoked would be behind bars or a fugitive on the loose. Cannabis doesn’t cause crime, however, there are a lot of criminals who smoke cannabis. Correlation is different than causality. Most people stay out of trouble, whether lighting up or not. Anyone is capable of crime and it has nothing to do with lifestyle choices.

5. Cannabis Is Harmless

While marijuana has plenty of wonderful effects, there are also setbacks. Cannabis smoke can potentially cause the same issues as cigarette smokers. It can present a danger to the cardiovascular and bronchial systems of the body, complicating breathing and other adverse hazards down the road. Cannabis may also cause paranoia or anxiety. However you use it, just exercise caution.

6. You Can Die from Overdose from Cannabis

Never in recorded history has anyone ever overdosed and died from cannabis use. The reason you hear overdose stories from other drugs is because of their depressive attributes, like fentanyl, heroin, opioids, etc. causing a lack of breathing. Alcohol poisoning is a common source of fatality as well. Cannabis, at the worst, can make you feel groggy and lethargic.

7. Cannabis is Safe for Kids

Absolutely not. Cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco use may cause stunted cognitive growth in youth as their brain is developing. It can cause higher dropout rates and lower IQ scores. Any substance use is not recommended for youth.

8. Cannabis is Okay for Driving

Cannabis may impair your ability to make quick decisions, reflexes, and judgments required to drive properly. This vastly increases the risk you have of hurting others and yourself. Cannabis use is shown to possibly double the risk of being in an accident.

9. Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

This is a popular fear-mongering myth. Cannabis may impair short-term memory in some people after chronic and long-term use, but there have been no studies supporting brain cells being damaged by cannabis. You and your brain can rest safely.

10. Weed isn’t as Potent as It Used to Be

Simply not true. With modernized technology that allows farmers and cultivators to streamline the cannabis process, THC is notably higher, the entourage effect is more complex, and the ‘highs’ are stronger than ever. Studies show potency has skyrocketed since the early days.

Feel free to research at your own leisure. Tons of misinformation floats around without any proof and cannabis is an enjoyable experience overall. Myth busted.