What Is FLUENT? Explore The Current MMJ Landscape In Pennsylvania

What Is FLUENT? Explore The Current MMJ Landscape In Pennsylvania

FLUENT Has An Important Mission To Fulfill, And Amazing MMJ Patient Care Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Let us start with a quick introduction! We are FLUENT, a medical marijuana family rich in diversity and personality. We have dispensary locations across the United States, and currently, there is one FLUENT in Pennsylvania. Located in the historical and snack capital, Hanover, PA, our first dispensary in the state has been going strong since 2018, and we are continuing to grow.

The people in our company come from all over the world and understand medical marijuana inside and out. We provide the highest level of customer service and integrity, coupled with the best medical marijuana products available today. Our end goal is always complete satisfaction for you, our honored guest.

We embarked on this journey to ensure that every patient can be healthy and well, enjoying the life-changing and wellness-centered properties of our medicinal products. We are dedicated to providing superior quality medications that help alleviate your pain and enable you to get better sleep, thus improving your overall quality of life.

Our medical marijuana products are sourced from top-notch local cultivators who follow the most rigorous growth and quality control standards in the industry.

What Is The Mission of FLUENT Dispensary in Pennsylvania?

In short, the mission of FLUENT is to be a cutting-edge medical marijuana provider with the highest industry standards in every stage of the MMJ patient care process.

Each member of FLUENT is highly educated in medical marijuana and speaks it fluently. Our Hanover, Pennsylvania location helps hundreds of patients each day, from newcomers to experienced marijuana users. We assist a broad range of patients from all different backgrounds, and love getting to know each one! We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and informative experience in which all your MMJ questions and concerns are addressed in a way that’s easy to understand.

We invite you to take back your power from the big pharmaceutical companies and hold it in your own hands again.

We are fluent with providers and patients in medical marijuana education and with ever-changing laws. We are dedicated to empowering and informing you through every step of your MMJ journey.

We promise to deliver the best, purest products every step of the way.

We are FLUENT, and we want to make you fluent as well.

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act

Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since May of 2016. That is when Governor Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act, S.B 3, into law. The first dispensaries started opening in 2018, providing medical-use marijuana only. Recreational marijuana has yet to be legalized in the state, and you can stay tuned here to remain informed on this subject.

You can now get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, as long as you have one of the qualifying medical conditions.

There are several current bills aimed at legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. Several promising areas the laws could expand, including allowing adult marijuana use for those over 21, regulating marijuana similar to alcohol, and using the related taxes to bring women and minorities into the industry and to fund educational programs (like student loan reimbursement and after-school programs). The laws will likely continue to evolve for marijuana in Pennsylvania. In the meantime, FLUENT continues to provide the best MMJ care possible.