Veterans and Cannabis: What you should know

Veterans and Cannabis: What you should know

The benefits of cannabis are great, especially regarding ailments most common among the veteran population

Veterans are integral to the fabric of the United States of America. About 19 million Veterans currently live in the US–and to date, four of the five states with the highest veteran population have full legalization of cannabis. Additionally, nine of the top ten veteran population states have legalized cannabis for either recreational or medicinal use. As cannabis use laws continue to expand, there are essential factors to consider when it comes to how it impacts the lives of those who have served our country.

Veteran Health and Cannabis

The benefits of cannabis are great, especially regarding ailments most common among the veteran population. For example, cannabis products are a positive force for relieving symptoms from chronic pain, PTSD, and certain cancers. Though marijuana does not provide a cure, supporters of cannabis use agree there are significant benefits, especially when considering alternate prescription medications – most commonly opioids.

Unfortunately, while the VA is looking to manage veterans’ health better, they still do not recognize cannabis as a viable substitute. However, the VA understands that many veterans use cannabis products regularly as part of their health management routine, noting that use among veterans has increased from 9% in 2014 to 20% in 2020 on their website.

Even though the VA has accepted veteran cannabis use to a degree, veterans should be aware of how the consumption can affect their healthcare journey. The VA requests that all patients be open with their medical providers about their personal cannabis use. The primary stance is one of safety. Since there is still limited research around cannabis consumption caused by legal blocks, there may be concerns about potential contraindications between some treatment plans and marijuana.

Disclosing cannabis use to a VA provider remains in the medical record as private health information. The VA will not deny benefits to veterans who share this information with providers per Directive 1315. However, the VA adheres to the federal stance on cannabis as a Schedule I drug. There have been reports of veterans being denied specific treatments and benefits because of marijuana consumption. Ultimately, until there is overall cannabis reform on a federal level, any federal agency will recognize it as a Schedule I drug.

 Pro-Cannabis Veteran Groups

The acceptance of cannabis use among veterans is essential when considering the growing favor of legislation reform. According to The Military Times, veterans are more involved with their community and are more likely to vote than their civilian peers.

While the conversation on evolving legislation continues, many veteran groups make public statements in favor of developing cannabis laws especially for veterans and cannabis. For example, The Wounded Warrior Project cited reform encouraging increased cannabis research. In addition, they have also recommended cannabis training for primary care providers working in VA facilities during their statement in front of the House Committee for Veteran Affairs. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has also released public support for the benefits cannabis use has for veterans living with disabilities. On top of this, several veteran groups dedicated to cannabis reform have developed over the years, including the Veterans Cannabis Project, Veterans Cannabis Group, and the Veterans Cannabis Coalition. Every day, they are making strides in advocating for veteran cannabis use.

Veterans and Fluent

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