FLUENT Goes Purple for Epilepsy Awareness Day

FLUENT Goes Purple for Epilepsy Awareness Day

This March 26th, FLUENT recognizes Epilepsy Awareness Day. 

This March 26th, FLUENT recognizes Epilepsy Awareness Day. 

According to the CDC, approximately 3.4 million people live with epilepsy in the United States, and this number is increasing.  Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal. It can cause seizures, unusual behavior, or sensations, and in some cases, loss of awareness. Anyone can develop this condition, affecting both males and females of all different backgrounds and ages.

Epilepsy has no known cause in about half of the people diagnosed with this condition. In the other half, their diagnosis may be caused by various reasons, including genetics, head trauma, brain abnormalities, infection, prenatal injury, and developmental disorders such as autism.

This condition impacts those affected in many ways. For example, it can contribute to increased risks of falling, drowning, car accidents, pregnancy complications, and emotional health issues. Additionally, people with epilepsy are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health diagnoses.  Many people with epilepsy experience social isolation due to fear of potential embarrassment if a seizure occurs in a social setting. These fears can cause them to avoid attending social functions or participating in certain activities.

How Can Cannabis Help with the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

Many of those diagnosed with epilepsy have found CBD products and medical cannabis products rich in CBD to help reduce seizures and other unpleasant side effects of this condition.

CBD is beneficial due to its anticonvulsant effects and ability to reduce anxiety and other negative symptoms associated with epilepsy. However, products high in THC are not recommended for people with epilepsy because the side effects/risks may outweigh the benefits.

Both adults and children with epilepsy have turned to sublingual drops to help maintain a better quality of life. However, while whole flower high in CBD can also be used, it is less easy to dose accurately.

This month, we spotlight those who live with this challenging condition. We are here to provide the best quality products and customer service to everyone- especially those with a pressing medical need.

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*Please note that this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace the need for medical care. Always consult with your physician before making any changes to your regimen.

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