All About The Cannabis Holiday 710

All About The Cannabis Holiday 710

710 Day, also referred to as Dab Day, is the cannabis holiday celebrated on July 10th  every year. It is the third-biggest marijuana holiday after 4/20 and Green Wednesday.

The cannabis community is familiar with the popular cannabis holiday 420. However, another cannabis holiday is becoming popular in the cannabis culture that you might not have heard of yet; 710 Day. 420 and 710 are two completely different holidays in the cannabis community but share some similarities in how cannabis connoisseurs celebrate them. 

So, what is 710 Day, and how can you get the best out of it this year? Whether you are a 710 veteran or hearing 710 for the first time, this article is a basic guide on 7/10 and how to make it a memorable day. 

So, What is 710 Day?

710 Day, also referred to as Dab Day, is the cannabis holiday celebrated on July 10th  every year. It is the third-biggest marijuana holiday after 4/20 and Green Wednesday. But what’s 710 Day meant for? The 710 weed holiday is for cannabis consumers to celebrate cannabis concentrates and oils. A cannabis concentrate is a potent macro dose that averages 25 mg per dose, unlike the average five of the flower.

Most people celebrate the 710 cannabis holiday by using various forms of concentrates. If you’re looking to get the most out of this revered holiday, you should probably start by figuring out the best concentrates to use. 

What Does The Term 710 Mean?

The exact origin of the 710 holidays is not easy to pinpoint. Some people believe it started as a joke due to the old oil caps in vehicles that had ‘710’ on them. However, rotating the cap would show the print as OIL, not 710. 

Another theory suggests that the 710 holiday has a link to the Grateful Dead band. This band became iconic in several things relating to cannabis. People believe the band had a connection with the term ‘710’ because of the Grateful Dead’s residential address; 710 Ashbury Street, CA. 

However, there is a more solid theory regarding 710. People believe it originated from TaskRok, an artist in the group Task & Linus.

Their 2011 album titled “The Movement” had several references to cannabis concentrates, including songs ‘Boil That Oil’ and ‘7:10’. Due to these references, many people consider TaskRok as the person who popularized the term 710. The first occurrence of the term 710 in social media is in his Instagram account. 

But regardless of the actual origin of the term 710, this day is deep-rooted in cannabis culture, solidifying the macro dosing of OIL as a category worth celebrating on its own. 

Is 710 The Same As 420?

The two codewords are cannabis-friendly, but each carries its unique backstory. 420 is a bit easier to trace, with many people believing the numbers originated from California teens looking for hidden cannabis treasure at 4:20 every day in the 1970s. The Grateful Dead band played a role in popularizing the term. 

Both 710 and 420 are important days for cannabis lovers. They hold huge celebrations to encourage cannabis utilization while appreciating the numerous ways of consuming it and its multiple benefits. However, 420 is a holiday for cannabis in general, while 710 is a day dedicated to cannabis concentrates (oil). 

7/10 holiday celebrations were quiet in the past, but more people now recognize these dates publicly as marijuana legalization. Take social media, for example; 420 hashtags have over 42.5 million posts, while 710 have over 11.5 million. 

How To Celebrate 710 Day

Now that you’ve learned what 710 Day is, you need to know how to celebrate it and make it memorable. Many people celebrate 710 Day by exploring the exciting pieces of the cannabis industry. If you’re looking to get the best out of the day, then concentration should be top of your list of things to include in the day’s activities. It is the perfect day to have your favorite concentrates on hand, broaden your inventory with more forms or even try new types. 

Below are some popular products to enhance your 710 festivities responsibly:


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a viscous concentrate containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. You can safely take this full extract cannabis oil orally. If you want a taste of one of the most potent forms of marijuana concentrate and savor that dreamy or sedative effect, then you should definitely try out RSO on 710 Day.


If you are in the mood for something new, you can make your 710 Day more fun and exploratory by using cannabis vapes. Unlike conventional smoking devices such as pipes and dab rigs that let you inhale the smoke of burning marijuana, vapes allow you to inhale cannabis vapor. A vapor high kicks in fast (within 15 minutes) since the cannabinoids and other active substances absorb readily via your lungs and into the bloodstream. The euphoria can also last for hours. 

FLUENT Extracts

Cannabis extracts are another way to have a memorable 710 Day. One of the greatest charms of extracts is offering alternatives for cannabis enthusiasts at both ends of the market spectrum. If you are averse to the potential smells, euphoric highs, or tastes of smoking flowers, extracts are a great alternative. 

Also, if you are an experienced consumer who wishes to boost the flower’s flavors and get a more intense and complete euphoria, you can always find an extract that fits the bill. Extract products play a big part in the rising popularity of cannabis extracts due to the range of consumer needs they fulfill. Going for extracts in the forthcoming 710 holiday is a great way to celebrate the holiday in style.  

Shop the Best Cannabis Products to Celebrate 710 Day!

Now you know what 710 Day is and how to celebrate it in style. All you need now is to get the best products in anticipation of the festivities. But don’t worry about that; FLUENT has got you covered. We are the place to go for all your marijuana products, including RSO, vape cartridges, and extracts. 

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