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Why Electronic Rigs are Superior to Regular Dab Rigs: Introducing Dr. Dabber

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Why Electronic Rigs are Superior to Regular Dab Rigs: Introducing Dr. Dabber

By Sophia Schivone

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis consumption, the methods we use to enjoy our favorite concentrates are continuously advancing. Among the most notable of these advancements is the introduction of electronic rigs, often referred to as e-rigs. While traditional dab rigs have their unique charm and ritualistic feel, e-rigs are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many enthusiasts. With that being said, we would like to introduce our newest device to the FLUENT line of accessories, Dr. Dabber. Let’s dive into the 7 reasons why e-rigs are superior to regular dab rigs, what makes Dr. Dabber unique and how to use it.

  1. Tailored Temperature Control

E-rigs provide the luxury of adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to tailor their experience precisely and have more control over their dabbing experience. By setting a particular temperature or using preset profiles, e-rigs offer more accurate dabbing. This granularity in control ensures the perfect balance between flavor and vapor density, highlighting the terpene profile of the concentrate.


  1. Portability and Convenience

One of the best features of e-rigs is their compactness. They offer a portable experience, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy their concentrates on the go. E-rigs are easily transportable and can easily be taken anywhere. No more bulky glass pieces or butane touches! Just grab your e-rig, and you’re ready for adventure.


  1. Swift and Simple

E-rigs boast rapid heating speeds, bringing the luxury of convenience to the forefront. Simply turn on the device, select your desired temperature, and in mere moments, you’re ready to dab. No waiting around, just quick and efficient vaporization in your e-rig device. Since e-rigs are battery operated and don’t require a flame to work, your experience will be swift and simple.


  1. Safety First

Traditional dab rigs require the use of a torch to heat the banger, which, especially in an inebriated state, can be risky. E-rigs, on the other hand, eliminate this hazard. With their electronic heating elements, there’s no open flame, significantly reducing the potential for accidents. This is why many dab consumers feel confident using an e-rig, even if it’s for their first time.


  1. Value for Money

Dr. Dabber specifically comes with a year-long, no-questions-asked warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment. Coupled with their longevity and robustness, you’re getting superb value for every penny spent.


  1. Sublime Vapor Production

E-rigs are designed for a smooth vapor experience, emphasizing the rich flavors of the terpenes. E-rigs are specifically designed to bring out the terpene flavor in each concentrate, so every puff is a delightful exploration of the concentrate’s profile.


  1. Care and Maintenance

While e-rigs bring a lot to the table, it’s essential to note that they cannot be submerged in water. Ensure you follow the Dr. Dabber’s guidelines when cleaning to keep your device in tip-top shape. On the other side, traditional dab rigs, often made of glass, have their own charm. They involve a ritualistic process, from torching the banger to enjoying the cooled vapor through water filtration. However, the potential risks posed by torches and the overall cumbersome nature make them less appealing to the modern consumer. Therefore, e-rigs are a lot easier to clean and take care of than traditional dab rigs.

E-rigs, with their ease of use, enhanced safety features, portability, and precision, are the future of dabbing. They not only cater to seasoned enthusiasts but also provide a welcoming and less intimidating avenue for newcomers. So, next time you’re considering how to enjoy your concentrates, remember the myriad of benefits an e-rig brings to the table. Elevate your experience and embrace the future of dabbing with our new Dr. Dabber device.

Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with Dr. Dabber

We’re elated to unveil the newest additions to our FLUENT line of cannabis accessories – meet Dr. Dabber, available in Light and XS, Dr. Dabber merges innovation and accessibility to elevate your dabbing game. Curated with high-tech wonders meld cutting-edge technology with sheer sophistication, serving as your gateway to explore an aromatic tapestry of flavors. Pairs perfect with our new cured sugar, with each inhalation, embark on a voyage of personalized, nuanced experiences that not only amplify the sensorial joys but also heighten the therapeutic dabbing experience. Your sessions with Dr. Dabber promise nothing less than a journey through the full spectrum of aromatic delights and efficacious well-being. Welcome to the future of dabbing—elegant, effective, and exquisitely FLUENT.


Dr. Dabber Light

Build and Features

Material Compatibility: Concentrates & 510 Thread Cartridges

Temperature: A singular setting that ranges between 550°-650°F

Instant Gratification: No waiting period for heat-up

Mobility: 1-hour battery life with USB Threaded Charger

Ergonomic Grandeur: 4.4″ in height, 0.36″ in diameter, weighing a mere 2 ounces

Price: MSRP at an affordable $24.95


How to Operate:

Power Dynamics: Click the power button five times for ignition and another quintet of presses for shutdown.

Concentrate Alchemy: Load the chamber with your favorite concentrate using the dab tool, avoiding an overflow.

Synchronized Inhaling: Press and hold the power button whilst you breathe in.

Cleaning Tips: Cleanliness is next to canna-blissfulness! Simply remove the atomizer and immerse it in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for about 20-30 minutes.

Dr. Dabber Light

Dr. Dabber XS

Build and Features

Temperature: Four heat settings between 475°-625°F

Heat-up Nuances: 9-12 seconds based on your chosen setting

Charging: USB-C with 30-60 minutes to full charge

Sophisticated Elegance: 6.47″ in height, 1.82″ in diameter, weighing 9.4 ounces

Auto Pre-Heat Feature: Detects a cold chamber for optimized vapor production

Price: A more premium experience at $159.95


How to Operate:

Power Surge: The power button requires five presses to activate or deactivate.

Temperature: Change your temperature settings by pressing the power button three times.

Concentrate Versatility: Dr. Dabber XS is your genie, adaptable to different forms of concentrates.

Cleaning Tips: Maintain your XS in pristine condition with a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol soak for the E-chamber quartz cup.


Dr. Dabber XS

Comparing Dr. Dabber Light and XS

Dr. Dabber XS: A tool for the connoisseur, the XS offers customizability and advanced features.

Dr. Dabber Light: Perfect for beginners or those desiring a straightforward, portable experience.

Dr. Dabber offers a harmonious blend of sophistication and ease. Explore the terpene tapestries and therapeutic landscapes of our carefully curated strains like never before and pair it with our brand-new cured sugar. Add a flourish to your cannabis lifestyle with Dr. Dabber. Happy Dabbing! 🌿💨