What Is Delta-8-THC?

What Is Delta-8-THC?

What exactly is Delta-8-THC, and how does it differ from other cannabinoids?

Regular consumers of cannabis products, as well as veterans of the marijuana community, may have many questions about the chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. For example, what exactly is Delta-8-THC, and how does it differ from other cannabinoids?

What Is Delta-8-THC?

If it’s news to you that there are different types of THC in marijuana plants, you’re not alone! Though most of us are familiar with “THC,” meaning tetrahydrocannabinol, or the chemical compound found in marijuana strains that produces that “high” feeling we know and love, researchers have been investigating other cannabinoids in recent years.

Tetrahydrocannabinol refers to Delta-9-THC, which is the one you’re probably thinking of when you hear “THC” mentioned. Delta-8-THC is derived mainly from hemp plants (unlike Delta-9, which usually comes from cannabis plants), and it occurs in much smaller amounts than Delta-9. Though there isn’t much of it in cannabis plants, this cannabinoid can affect even in its minuscule amount. 

What Does Delta-8-THC Do?

Humans have an endocannabinoid system as part of their biology, which means that when we smoke or ingest THC products, the cannabinoids mimic the effects of the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and bind to receptors in our brains. Because our brains recognize the chemical structure of cannabinoids but are not used to receiving such a high dose of these cannabinoids regularly, we feel relaxed, sleepy, or high as a result.

Delta-8-THC similarly binds to cannabinoid receptors in the human brain, but because it exists in smaller quantities, it may not result in the same level of a high that you are used to from your regular THC products. This fact raises many important questions about its use, its legality, and how much people can safely consume.

Myths and Truths About THC

As a community, we know much more at this current point in history about Delta-9-THC and its effects than we do Delta-8-THC; however, more is being uncovered all the time about different types of cannabinoids and how they function in the human body.

There are several myths about various strains of cannabis, their effects, and their cannabinoids. Read on to discover more information about the different types of Delta-8-THC products and learn how to sort the facts from fiction when it comes to the most popular cannabinoids.

Delta-8-THC Is Illegal

Not exactly. Like Delta-9-THC, Delta-8 is illegal in some areas due to concerns about THC and marijuana products in general. In most states, Delta-8 is legal because it does not produce the same effects as regular THC products — and therefore, it does not cause the same level of concern for lawmakers and other authorities.

Delta-8 may be similar to CBD, another important and usually legal cannabinoid, in the sense that it does not offer a potent high; however, Delta-8 is chemically much more similar to Delta-9 than to CBD products.

Delta-8-THC Cannot Get You High

It can, but the high may not be as strong as one from a Delta-9-THC product. There are benefits to the fact that Delta-8 produces a “weaker” high, though: Some states’ legislative bodies may not see it as much of a risk as Delta-9, which may make it more widely available.

This compound may also benefit those who feel restless or agitated when they smoke regular cannabis, as it is typically not as strong as Delta-9. Delta-8, in short, may offer a milder version of a Delta-9 high that is more appropriate for sensitive individuals even if they live in an area in which Delta-9-THC is entirely legal for recreational use.

Delta-8-THC Is Not Strong, So I Can Buy It Anywhere

Please make sure you always buy products you ingest from a reputable source! This piece of advice includes food, all forms of dietary supplements, and any cannabis products — including Delta-8-THC — that you are planning on smoking or eating. Even if you live in a state where recreational cannabis use is legal, your Delta-8-THC products should come from a safe, trustworthy source.

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