How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania: Qualifying Conditions
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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania: Qualifying Conditions

Medical marijuana refers to the spectrum of medical marijuana products (that may include THC and CBD products) used to address some symptoms of many medical conditions.

People with chronic conditions often become frustrated with the medical field due to the lack of treatment options that safely and effectively manage their needs over a long period. Some people suffer for years with anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and other long-term issues that significantly affect their daily activities and overall quality of life. 

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Many of these individuals turn to medical marijuana, or they find themselves asking whether medical marijuana will help alleviate their issues. Fortunately, many people describe relief upon using the correct dose of medical marijuana, but these products are not always easy to obtain. Many states still have legal restrictions in place that make it nearly impossible to acquire medical marijuana products. If you live in Pennsylvania, read on to determine whether you may qualify for a medical card that allows you access to these products.

About Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana refers to the spectrum of medical marijuana products (that may include THC and CBD products) used to address some symptoms of many medical conditions. It’s legal in several states, and it’s even allowed in some areas in which recreational medical marijuana is not. It’s currently classified as a Schedule I drug, which is in the same class as most illegal drugs, but it may be reclassified as Schedule II, depending on upcoming medical marijuana laws and research. Schedule II drugs are strong treatments, but they are legal and readily available with a prescription. Many lawmakers and officials feel that Schedule II is a better classification for marijuana.

Is Medical Marijuana Different from Other Marijuana Products?

No. Though “medical marijuana” sounds like a specific type of medication, but it’s actually the same. There is an FDA-approved medication made from CBD, and the FDA has additionally approved medical marijuana to address symptoms of two severe diseases. However, most of the time it’s used for medical reasons precisely the same as regular marijuana, which can be smoked or ingested in the form of gummies, dissolving tablets, or baked treats.

That’s not to say that there aren’t precautions to take; if you wish to use medical marijuana, you may want to have a conversation with the doctor or nurse practitioner who prescribes your medical marijuana card to determine the proper dosage and strain for you. Your health care provider may not know the specifics between strains and which ones may help with which conditions, and that’s where we come in — call us, send us a quick message, or visit us at our Pennsylvania location if you need a product suggestion. 

Conditions That Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

At this point, you may be eager to determine whether medical marijuana could help you and whether you would qualify for a card that allows buying medical marijuana products legally. Before you begin, you should complete the preliminary steps outlined on the Pennsylvania medical marijuana website. First, register for the Medical Marijuana Registry. You can do this online by filling out a quick profile and certifying that you are a US citizen. Next, you should visit an approved physician to determine whether you qualify for a card.

Below is a listing of several conditions that can qualify you to receive a medical marijuana card — after meeting with a doctor and receiving a prescription, of course. You should consider getting a card if you have one of the following:

  • ALS
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and other anxiety-related conditions like PTSD
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Neurological conditions including MS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and seizure disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel disorders
  • Cancer
  • Severe chronic pain (possibly as in conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia; the assessment will determine whether you qualify)

How Could a Medical Marijuana Card Help Me?

Medical marijuana is used for numerous conditions, as you can see above, but according to researchers at Harvard, it may be most beneficial for those seeking pain relief. Its ability to relieve chronic pain can help patients return to daily activities, and it may enhance other areas of their lives as well, such as sleep and mood. 

Speak with your doctor for more information about how medical marijuana can help your specific condition, or feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss what we’ve seen other people experience with our products.

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