Cannabis Tourism: A Brave New World

Cannabis Tourism: A Brave New World

Cannabis consumers are traveling to the more open-minded of U.S. states. They are exploring the wide world of cannabis tourism that’s been flourishing for a few exciting years.

Cannabis legalization has been progressing across the country at a fairly steady rate. Legalization is expanding the list of states where locals and travelers can enjoy marijuana, either medicinally or recreationally. Cannabis consumers are traveling to the more open-minded of U.S. states. They are exploring the wide world of cannabis tourism that’s been flourishing for a few exciting years.

If you’re thinking about planning a cannabis vacation, or simply want to be free to partake in marijuana while traveling; here’s everything you need to know about marijuana tourism.

Know the Regulations 

Before you start getting excited about your cannabis travel experience, check the laws. You want to make sure that wherever you’re headed, you’ll actually be able to enjoy it legally. In some states, being an out-of-towner excludes you from using or purchasing cannabis, while others allow it far more freely. Do your homework, and you can avoid running into any unfortunate surprises. 

Find Cannabis-Friendly Accommodations

When you’re on vacation, being able to enjoy cannabis can be vital to having a great travel experience. However, how do you find accommodations that allow marijuana? Thanks to the innovation of the cannabis industry, it’s not as tricky as you think.

Cannabis-focused travel websites like Bud and Breakfast are growing increasingly popular, offering a simple way to plan an MMJ-friendly vacation anywhere in the world. Forget booking your hotel or rental home on one of the mega-travel sites. Bud and Breakfast will help you search for properties that are specifically designated as welcoming to cannabis consumers. Whether you’re headed to our nation’s capital, the scenic Colorado mountains, or even going abroad, Bud and Breakfast makes it easy to book cannabis-friendly hotels and rentals.

Join in on a Cannabis Tour

Cannabis tours are a great way to get the most out of your travel experience, especially if you’re relatively new to marijuana. Options include tours that span a few hours, taking you around local cannabis highlights like top dispensaries. There are also multi-day tours that give you a deeper look at cannabis behind-the-scenes. Depending on the tour you choose, you may find yourself learning new techniques, strolling through fields of cannabis, and even joining in on cooking demonstrations for tasty edibles. 

Check Out Unique Cannabis Activities

As enjoyable as a relaxing evening at home with your favorite cannabis may be, there are plenty of other ways to partake in MMJ. Get creative by combining cannabis and art with companies like Puff, Pass & Paint, or find your inner zen with a calming session of Marijuasana yoga. Use apps like Weedmaps and Leafly to find dispensaries near you, and don’t be afraid to chat with cannabis-friendly locals to find their favorite hometown gems.

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