A Day at Freedom Town with Emma Greens

A Day at Freedom Town with Emma Greens

The Freedom Town Holdings (FTH) growers are a collective of cannabis pioneers with a mutual passion for growing top-quality cannabis.

Do you remember the feelings of pure bliss you used to get as a child when walking into a toy store? It was almost as if everything else in the world had disappeared, and nothing else mattered besides the towering shelves holding everything your dreams were made of. That is the same feeling I get every time I walk into a cannabis grow facility over and over again.

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to visit around twenty different cannabis grows in Florida, and a few weeks ago, I visited Fluents Sweetwater facility for the first time. This Fluent facility is managed and operated by the growers of Freedom Town Holdings, and it was one of the most unique facility experiences I have had thus far.

Let Freedom *Grow*

Most license holders in Florida don’t put as much effort into their grows as you would hope for. I have visited countless facilities that are not kept clean, are full of bugs, and are staffed with unhappy people who cut as many corners as possible. Not to mention that quite a few head growers have very little cannabis experience – especially at a large scale. All of these factors affect the plant’s overall health, leaving them unable to thrive. As a result, patients in Florida are met with whole flower options that have not been grown to their full medicinal potential.

That’s where the Sweetwater facility differed. The Freedom Town Holdings (FTH) growers are a collective of cannabis pioneers with a mutual passion for growing top-quality cannabis. The guys managing the operations of the facility, Manny, Joe, and Nelson, have over a quarter of a century of growing experience combined. The multi-generational team has built a legacy throughout South Florida, New York, and the Caribbean, cultivating infamous strains such as the trademarked Cuban Black Haze.

While walking around, I noticed that the entire group of cultivators and trimmers at the Sweetwater facility not only had smiles on their faces, but they were eager to share their love for the plant with us. Having a team that’s growing because they are passionate about cannabis helps ensure that from the moment a plant begins to grow roots, it’ll thrive.

Happy Plants, Happy Patients

Speaking of thriving plants – the ones I saw being grown by FTH were some of the happiest and healthiest plants I have ever seen. You could tell that the plants were feeding off all of the positive energies the team gave, and it was one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve had on a grow tour. All the plants, throughout every stage of the process, seemed to be flourishing.

Additionally, between Manny, Joe, and Nelson, the FTH team has some of the widest range of plant genetics I have seen. They are constantly rotating different strains and phenotypes to see which ones grow the best in Florida’s unpredictable climate and which ones the patients are giving the most positive feedback on. This way, patients can always have new strains to test out and access to their tried and true favorites.

After walking around their facility, I left really excited for the upcoming months. Freedom Town Holdings will be dropping a lot of new strains at Fluent, and they’ve really dialed in the ones that have been keepers thus far. If you want to stay up to date on the newest strain drops, click this link to sign up for Fluent’s loyalty program.

Overall, this was one of my best experiences in a cannabis grow facility. Not only were the people so welcoming and passionate, but the plants were happy, healthy, and made my mouth water every time I smelled them.