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Becoming Fluent: A Message from our Founder & CEO

Two years ago, we as a company commenced our medical cannabis journey. We were thoughtful in how we developed – starting with one plant, one patient, one dispensary – building on each milestone to gain the experience necessary to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.

Over those years, we’ve learned so much about cannabis. We’ve learned from patients, doctors, and our own extensive research and testing. We’ve learned how to translate our knowledge and expertise, making life-changing impacts for patients from Florida to Texas, Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico, and soon, all around the world. We’ve learned to adapt to new markets, patient communities, and cultures.

In fact, you might say we’ve become Fluent.

We began this journey as Knox Medical and are proud of the legacy and impact we’ve made in the lives of patients we work with on a daily basis. The world of medical cannabis has changed greatly since we started, and so have we. It is my privilege to announce that after many months of hard work, we are undertaking a major rebranding of our company.

We are now Fluent Cannabis Care, and we invite you to get Fluent too. That means learning about our culture and value system, understanding who we are and what we represent.


We believe that every human has a right to be healthy and well, and once you harness the power of cannabis, your life can change for the better.   

We are fluent in every part of the production process.    

We are fluent in the highest standards for cannabis and in the most meticulous, innovative techniques from nursery to lab to shelf.     

We are fluent with providers and patients, in cannabis education, and with ever-changing laws.
Read the full Fluent Manifesto here

As we launch the next evolution of our company, we remain true to the values that have guided us from the beginning. We are imbued with compassion and a genuine care that addresses patients’ unique circumstances, elevating their voices and stories.

You will see these changes happen almost immediately. New products, new packaging, new dispensaries – all will be rebranded in the coming weeks as Fluent Cannabis Care.

We are Fluent Cannabis Care. Get Fluent.

– José, Founder & CEO