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Why We Name Our Strains

The Secret Behind Fluent’s Unique Medical Marijuana Strain Names 


By Naomi C. Abrams


Ever wonder why Fluent has these mythical-sounding names for our medical marijuana strains?

There is a fascinating explanation to this frequently asked question, and the answer will surprise you! 

You may venture to guess that Fluent chooses names to make our brand stand out or to make our products sound more interesting, but that isn’t the case.
Each name is hand-picked to display each strain’s personality and certify the consistent genetic qualities within each plant. 

As you know, there are thousands upon thousands of different strains in the world today. Unless you are buying directly from a reputable grower or lab, you never know what you’re getting. 

The cat down the road might tell you he’s selling you “Blue Dream,” but how do you know for sure that you’re getting the real deal? After all, it probably wasn’t grown by master botanists, using expert growing practices, lab testing, and certification to ensure high potency and consistent quality. 

With Fluent’s Baldor strain, there is never any question that you’re getting the ultimate Blue Dream experience each and every time.


Genetics Don’t Lie When It Comes To Marijuana 

Did you know genetics is about 80 percent of what makes a marijuana plant? 

There is an astronomical difference between the consistency of street plants and medical marijuana plants. The way each strain turns out depends upon a variety of factors, such as the quality of the seeds, level of care, the plant’s environment, cultivation process, and much more. 

The concentrations of the terpenes and cannabinoids act together to create the specific effects promised in each strain. For example, Baldor (Blue Dream) will give the majority of patients a feeling of full-body relaxation and ease, coupled with a gentle and mild head high that’s perfect for creativity and artistic expression. It is uplifting and provides a clear-headed feeling that won’t leave you bogged down or couch-locked. And you will always enjoy the same delicious berry aroma with this favored Fluent strain. The consistency is the same every single time. 

When you buy Blue Dream on the street, you might like what you get one time and get something different on your next visit. The cultivation process between the two batches will likely be totally different, yielding different effects and an unpredictable user experience. 

That is why it is essential to stick with products you know and trust. That way, you get the same potency, enjoyment, and results every time. 


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