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Cannabis 101

The “S” Word: Cannabis Syringes & You

OK, get ready. We’re about to use a word that might make you feel funny: Syringe. Now here are some words that will make you feel good: purified, exact dosage, concentrated, total control, money-saving, and no needle necessary. So, now that we’ve analyzed both sides of “The S Word,” let’s put aside any weirdness around cannabis syringes, and explain exactly what this exciting new product is all about.

Cannabis Oil Syringes

The Fluent cannabis oil syringe dispenses purified, solvent-free cannabis extract that has 90% THC * purged of all waxes, fats, and oils. This method provides precise control over your dosage and allows the oil to be consumed in multiple ways. (Oh, and this stuff is pretty potent so start slow). Patients who use medical marijuana to treat epilepsy, alleviate pain and inflammation, reduce nausea, or as a glaucoma remedy, will greatly benefit from this applicator because you can precisely measure exact dosages.

For instance, let’s say you’ve discovered that .1 ml is all you need to calm arthritis pain. You can now dispense that exact quantity onto a cookie or cracker, then sit back and wait for relief. Perhaps you’ve discovered that one strong dose can stop the onset of a migraine. You can take that specific dose the moment you need it. This tool is accurately tailored to your needs, removing any estimates or guessing games. FYI: we recommend warming the whole glass applicator in a cup of water or rolling the syringe between your palms before usage to thin out the oil.

Don’t worry, though, this tool isn’t just for flare-ups. Maybe you prefer to smoke flower, but are craving an extra ‘kick’ or trying to preserve your bud. Drop a bit of oil from the syringe onto the nug itself, and you can reduce the amount of precious blossom you use. Or, you can simply use it to refill a cartridge for your pen. The options are limitless.

What are Oil Syringes Used For?

Oil syringes are also great for those who like to consume their marijuana in the form of foods or candies–without major kitchen blunders. Homemade edibles of the past were confusing, to say the least, and often resulted in an inconsistent high or a lot of product waste (raise your hand if you ever dumped a bag of weed straight into brownie batter). But, as Timon says in The Lion King, ‘You gotta put your past behind you.’

In other words, baking with pot is now just as it should be – measured and exact, particularly with this new syringe. This article provides great detail on how to use concentrated oil in cooking, while this offers a beginner’s guide to the process. If you’re looking for savory dishes, VICE published a sophisticated collection of weed recipes that would even make Julia Child proud.

Better yet – if a recipe calls for a cup of ground marijuana flower – which is about an ounce of weed and extremely painful to part with, you can replace that measurement with roughly 2-3 MLS of concentrated oil (one syringe=1 ML) for a large batch. Smaller batches would require even less. It’s a more efficient, more flexible, and more affordable way to cook with cannabis, especially since the syringe provides zero oil loss. The syringe is so precise at dispensing the product, those who are on a budget and want to ensure to benefit from every last drop will see this as a game-changer.

Using A Cannabis Oil Syringe

Remember – with this potent oil, either when using it directly or in cooking, the general rule of thumb is “start low and go slow.” The oil from the syringe is a lot more concentrated than our other drops. Begin experimenting with small doses to see how you feel, then increase from there.

Don’t be afraid of the S-word. Discovering a new product this good is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a jaw-dropping creation. It’s time to take the plunge. And get Pumped up. Go ahead and push your luck. We’ll stop now. Syringe puns are fun.

Learn more and experience our strain-specific 90%+ concentrate syringes at Fluent, available in-store and via statewide delivery.