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Seniors & the Power of Cannabis

Is there any age that’s considered too old to use cannabis, either recreationally or medically?

Some 80% of Americans ages 50 to 80 support cannabis use if a doctor consents. This is the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users in the U.S. are adults aged 55 and older, and most are turning to cannabis to address a medical or health-related need, but this isn’t to say that an elderly MMJ patient cannot also enjoy their cannabis consumption.

Meet Frank, a navy veteran with one of the few petticoat factories remaining in Florida. His path to cannabis is one of inner struggle with opioids after a car accident left him with chronic pains, and redemption to a healthier, fluent lifestyle.


Caution should be taken, however, for patients who are on multiple medications, have preexisting cognitive conditions or other physical limitations. There do exist drug-drug interactions with cannabis, and the effects of ‘too much’ THC can potentially lead to unwanted cognitive changes or imbalance, for example.

That’s why choosing the right products through proper counsel is necessary for the right cannabinoid profiles, routes of administration and time of use. That’s one of the reasons we created Silver Sundays – a day where customers 55+ receive 10% OFF in-store purchases, all day, every Sunday, where they can also be educated on various aspects of cannabis products in a relaxed environment. Stop by any of our 18 Florida locations and see what cannabis can do for you.

image credit: Getty, Jub Job

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