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Each MOOD contains a unique flavor and effects profile, exclusively designed for a ‘Florida state of mind’. Made with our high-potency cannabis oil and combined with distinctive botanical terpenes and extracts.

Summer Daze
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Summer Daze Cart
Summer Daze
Moods Cartridges


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Summer Daze

Moods Cartridges


Bask in the endless sun and warm breezes of Summer Daze, a seasonal MOOD available for a limited time. Top shelf terpenes enhance the flavor of this balanced hybrid derived from Chemdog D with notes of sweet citrus and clove, letting you beat the heat and keep your cool.

The clean taste and sedating effects of Summer Daze take you to an oasis of tranquility, perfect for slowing down into a summer state of mind where the lazy days never end. In addition, users of Summer Daze note warm relief from chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Summer Daze Cart
0.5 g



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THC Content Approx.: 90%
CBD Content Approx.: 1%

Major Terpenes

Alpha-Terpinene Beta-Caryophyllene


Sweet Citrus Clove

Dosing Units

Each vaporizer 0.5 g cartridge contains 3 mg THC/inhalation

Total Doses

Approx.: 150 inhalations per cartridge


30 day
50 day
70 day

key Benefits:

“Vaping” is short for “vaporization”. Effects are felt immediately and unlike smoking, no combustion or burning takes place. Portable vaporizers are very discreet, as vapor dissipates quickly with minimal odor


Patients are recommended to initiate treatment on the evening of Day 1 with 1-3 inhalation sessions. Each session consists of 1-2 draws that are relatively shallow (1-3 seconds) and held for about 5 seconds before exhaling. After 5-10 minutes, patients reassess symptoms.
If symptoms have improved or subsided, no additional sessions are needed and patients take the next dose on the morning of Day 2. Relief for patients with chronic neuropathic pain who have not responded adequately to other pain medication.


Contraindicated in patients:
• with hypersensitivity to cannabinoids (e.g., THC or CBD) or to any of the inert ingredients in this product;
• with a significant history of cardiovascular disease;
• with an active or previous psychotic or active mood or anxiety disorder; and
• who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.


*Potency percentages listed are based on average potency levels and may vary from batch to batch.