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Mango Haze
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Mango Haze


Taste this top-shelf haze to ignite a tropical tasting, uplifting, and energizing strain.

Mango Haze 1g Cart
1.0 g



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CBD Content Approx: 1%*
THC Content Approx: 60%*
CBD:THC 1:60

Major Terpenes

P-cymene Myrcene Pinene Beta-caryophyllene

Dosing Units

Each vaporizer 1.0 g cartridge contains 2 mg THC/inhalation

Total Doses

Approx: 300 inhalations per cartridge (1ml)


30 day
50 day
70 day

key Benefits:

“Vaping” is short for “vaporization”. Effects are felt immediately and unlike smoking, no combustion or burning takes place. Portable vaporizers are very discreet, as vapor dissipates quickly with minimal odor.


Patients are recommended to initiate treatment with 1-3 doses. Each dose consist of 1-2 relatively shallow inhales (1-3 seconds) and each held for about 5 seconds before exhaling. Within roughly 5-10 minutes, reassess symptoms and continue with further doses as needed.

If symptoms have improved or subsided no additional sessions are needed and patients can continue treatment the following day when necessary.


This product contains MCT oil. Those with a coconut allergy should consult their physician before consuming.

Contraindicated in patients:
• with hypersensitivity to cannabinoids (e.g., THC or CBD) or to any of the inert ingredients in Vela;
• with a significant history of cardiovascular disease;
• with an active or previous psychotic or active mood or anxiety disorder; and
• who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

*Potency percentages listed are based on average potency levels and may vary from batch to batch.