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MOODS: Moonrise Grove


MOODS: Moonrise Grove

Embrace The Lunar Realm And Unwind With This Earthy Indica-Dominant Hybrid

By Naomi C. Abrams

The popular new MOODS line at FLUENT is making waves among medical cannabis lovers.

Moonrise Grove is the perfect way to unwind into the cool embrace of the night after a long day.

  • A rich and earthy hash-derived delight (flavored with just a hint of spice) promises a happy, Indica-leaning citrus experience loaded with quick and powerful full-body relief.
  • Known for helping ease insomnia, muscle spasms, sleep issues, anxiety, stress, and more, Moonrise Grove helps promote inner calm, happiness, and rest.
  • We could all use an elixir to wash away the worries of the day and help us ease into a good night of rest, and that is what this strain is famous for.
  • Evoking visions of a mystical nightscape loaded with twinkling stars, your evening will be comfortable and pleasant when you explore the therapeutic benefits of this top-selling cartridge.

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