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Melt & Live Rosin: Full Spectrum Ice Water Extracts

If concentrates are at the top of the Cannabis world, ice water extracted concentrates are the pinnacle.  They are powerful, beautiful, pure (when made properly), and until now, hard to find. That’s why we are so proud of our two new (and obsessively researched) releases – Melt and Live Rosin.  Both products are potent concentrates, made using cutting-edge technologies with the goal of retaining the most flavor possible while removing as much excess material as possible. In other words, each precious drop is Cannabis gold.

Let’s start with our Melt.  We are officially the only distributors in Florida to offer Melt (also known as resins).  Fluent Melt uses a natural, solventless method, producing a natural, clean product with the highest concentration of terpenes. Fresh harvest Cannabis grown in our controlled greenhouse is then flash-frozen for 24 hours to preserve freshness. Once completely frozen it is placed into an ice water extraction unit and gently agitated to extract the trichomes. It is then sieved through specific micron sized filters ranging between 73- and 120-microns (depending on the strain), producing the highest quality cannabinoid concentration. Fluent Melt uses ice water methods to maintain the living element of the trichome heads, making it one of the freshest cannabis products available. This is different from the traditional dry-sieve methods yielding darker colored trichome heads.

You’ve probably heard that frozen vegetables have more nutrients than those labeled ‘fresh’ because they are preserved immediately after picking, yes? The Cannabis plant is no different. In this case, though, we are trying to preserve the treasured terpene profile, flavor, and fragrance, as opposed to the vitamins in veggies. Last, the ‘shake off’ is passed through a micron-sized filter, which separates out the concentrated trichome bulb heads. (We swear these are real words).

What this all means is that, like a fine wine, you’re going to taste the layers of trichome flavor more than with any other product or brand as you would with Fluent Melt.  Sometimes, we have to let our scientists show off, after all.  

Companies that use other oils, solvents, and heat sources cause bonding with trichomes which changes the molecular makeup and taste of the plant. Additionally, our Melt provides the highest concentration of cannabinoids, which makes for a strong delivery if you need efficient and immediate pain relief.  (If you really want to go down a wormhole, check out Leafly’s “The Art of Extraction” series – a cool collection of videos on this topic.) 


And we know what you’re thinking – isn’t Rosin the powder that ballerinas and violinists use during The Nutcracker? (Give it up for the extremely rare, holiday-ballet-orchestral joke). No, it’s not the same stuff, but the name did derive from the same process, so that’s pretty cool. 

Weedmaps explains the product perfectly, “Rosin is a solventless extract that uses heat and pressure to force the compounds within the trichome gland out of the cannabis plant, where all of the THCA, other cannabinoids, and terpenes are located. Think of it like squeezing the juice from grapes or oil from olives, with the end result being similar to butane hash oil (BHO), but without the harmful chemicals.”

Where the Live comes in is what’s known in the industry as FFWP, or Fresh Frozen Whole Plant.  What this means is trichome heads were still living when they were processed.  Rosin that’s just Rosin and not “Live” is often considered to be made with an inferior starting material since the trichomes have had time to age and oxidize. There goes all that great flavor.

People who love to dab can now enjoy it without any solvent or foreign substances (even though our methods produce the same flavor, potency, and yield of solvent-based extraction products). Fluent Live Rosin takes the remaining trichomes that don’t make it to Fluent Melt, and processes them into an extracted essential oil using a heat controlled hydraulic press. The final product is a more refined oil with a smoother consistency–totally pure with high cannabinoid concentration, wonderful aroma, and flavor, and no residue, but without the solvents like hydrocarbon and butane.  

Both of our new products can be consumed through dabbing – which is the most popular way, and we’ll actually be carrying the renowned Puffco line of dab rigs and vaporizers in-store to allow for one-stop shopping.  You can also use both products in cooking or simply sprinkled on top of flower for an added kick. If you do opt for the Puffco, we recommend Melt be consumed at the lowest temperature possible, as too much heat can create burning (not a great taste).  Also keep in mind that ounce for ounce, these concentrates have a higher proportion of cannabinoids than flower, so a ‘little dab will do ya’. 


*This post has been updated to reflect recently updated information.

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