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Do your oil justice: C2 Core Cartridges by Vuber

We’re pleased to introduce our new C2 Core cartridges – the next step in our constant pursuit of developing better methods to fully experience the quality of Fluent full-spectrum cannabis oil.

New key features include:

  • Handles a wide range of viscosity levels
  • Same flavor until the last hit
  • Will not burn out at high temps
  • Glass filter reduces leaking & clogging

This new Core technology is an innovative and clean way to consume oil, which passes through a unique glass filtration system while capturing the nuance of each strain from flavor to effect. The glass filter acts as a better barrier than ceramic, reducing leakage and preserving flavor, all while Core technology ensures an even temperature for smooth puffs every time. Currently available in our Fluent Black line and soon to be available in all cartridges within the coming weeks.

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