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Our dispensary in Hanover is located in York County, about 25 minutes from Gettysburg and 15 minutes north of the Maryland state border. The town is even older than the United States and was founded in 1763. Many people call it the snack capital of the world, because of all the chocolate, candy, chip and pretzel factories in the area, so grab a treat on your way over.

Expertly Curated Marijuana Selection

Our dispensary offers the best selection of marijuana products to improve quality of life and help address pain. They are divided into various products with different effects, so you can find the KNOX option that best meets your needs. We also offer a variety of consumption options, so be sure to stop in our store to see which kinds would be the most convenient to fit into your everyday routine.

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Our dispensary is located on Frederick Street, one of the major streets in town. We are located near the 116, 94 and 194 highways, along with Westminster Road. Come see us in person to talk to our expert staff and learn more.

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