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CBD-Infused Immunity Booster Shot

Enjoy a Shot of Relief featuring Perla Drops

As Winter begins to set in, it launches a struggle to maintain wellness and physical health throughout the colder months. Especially during times of COVID, we are always exploring more ways to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for a booster shot to help build your immunity with a dose of CBD in the same drink. We hope this recipe can help you stay healthy in high times and the low.

CBD-Infused Immunity Shot

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Yields: 4 shots
Dose: 10 mg CBD
Servings/person: 1 shot


  • Honeycrisp Apple juice – 1 Cup
  • Papaya, seeded & cubed – 1 Cup
  • Green apple, seeded & cubed – 0.5 Cup
  • Ginger, peeled & minced – 1 Tbsp
  • Turmeric, powder – 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice, fresh squeezed – Half lemon
  • Chia seeds – 1 Tbsp
  • Perla CBD Drops – 0.5 mL/10 mg (20 drops)


  1. Peel, de-seed, and cube the papaya.
  2. Peel, de-seed/core, and cube half of a green apple.
  3. Peel and mince fresh ginger.
  4. Cut and squeeze half a lemon for juice.
  5. Combine all ingredients (including PERLA) in a blender and blend until smooth.
  6. Drink up!

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Video production and editing: Mig Moss
Prepared by: Chef Daniel Rivas