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The Best Flower Alternatives For Medical Marijuana Patients

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The Best Flower Alternatives For Medical Marijuana Patients

By Naomi C. Abrams

For many medical marijuana patients, smoking flower is not always ideal. Issues such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and other pulmonary problems may spark the desire to turn to other methods of medicating, such as sublingual drops.Because they are absorbed under the tongue, there are no carcinogens or irritants going into the lungs. This makes for a mellow and smooth experience with no coughing or harshness (and no skunky odor).

Sublingual drops are the perfect way to medicate discreetly, any time of day. They are also available in different strains, suiting daytime or nighttime needs.

Who Can Benefit From Sublingual Drops? 

Nearly anyone suffering from pain, discomfort, inflammation, nausea, or insomnia can benefit from sublingual drops. There is also a myriad of other health issues for which your medical marijuana doctor may prescribe sublingual drops. Each sublingual has different benefits and can be used for different purposes.

Some drops contain only THC, some blend THC with CBD (for maximum pain relief), and some are strictly CBD (for non-psychoactive relief). Most patients receive the maximum benefit when purchasing a variety of drops for different needs (such as morning, nighttime, and non-psychoactive).

What Types Of Sublingual Drops Does Fluent Carry? 

Black Line Sublingual Drops

Fluent’s Black Line provides the top shelf experience for medical marijuana patients seeking the most potent and effective relief available on the market.

Masterfully crafted by in-house experts, each tincture utilizes the purest and best components of what each strain has to offer for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Polaris: 450mg Indica THC drops, perfect for laid-back nights and restful evenings. Based on the famous classic Granddaddy Purple, it promises a deeply heavy full-body relaxation with an enjoyable cerebral euphoria. *Also available in regular potency.

Hydra: 450mg/600mg Sativa THC drops, great for creativity, focus, and uplifting vibes. Derived from the beloved Jack Herer, this strain carries euphoric, boost-boosting effects that spark energy and creativity in most patients. *Also available in regular potency.

Baldor: 450mg/600mg Sativa-dominant hybrid drops, perfect for an ultra-potent, upbeat high with full-body relaxation. Derived from the ever-popular Blue Dream strain, this incredible hybrid strikes a balance between full-body relaxation and gentle cerebral invigoration. Patients enjoy its clear-headed, uplifting effects. *Also available in regular potency.

Atlas: 450mg Sativa THC drops, fantastic for daytime enjoyment featuring clear and functional effects that stimulate creativity, sociability, and overall mood. It’s very energetic and known as one of the purest-feeling Sativa varieties available on the market today. Derived from the classic strain Durban Poison, it helps provide an incredible energy boost and appetite suppression, along with migraine and anti-nausea relief.

Sativa Sublingual Drops

Subra: 600mg Sativa THC drops, derived from the classic favorite Sour Diesel, Subra is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain and a top choice among medical patients for its fast-acting effects delivering energized, dreamy cerebral effects.

CBD-THC Blend Drops

Elara: With a 1:1 CBD THC ratio, this 600mg sublingual tincture maintains a harmonious blend of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica hybrid strains, producing a mild euphoria without the drowsiness or lethargy of high-THC products. Perfect for pain relief, this incredible medicine will help power you through even the toughest days

Vela: With a 4:1 CBD-THC ratio, this 600mg sublingual is a marvelous introduction to cannabis as an adjunct therapy, containing four times the concentration of CBD relative to THC.
With minimal THC, Vela produces very little psychoactivity/euphoria, yet both cannabinoids work together to increase its effectiveness.

CBD Sublingual Drops

Perla: This 600mg Indica-dominant CBD strain has demonstrated a consistently robust cannabinoid profile through numerous laboratory analyses, and is a favorite CBD product for our medical patients. As our first in-house strain, Perla exhibits well-balanced effects in both body and mind, promoting quick relief and a feeling of overall wellness and comfort. 

How Can I Order Sublingual THC and CBD Drops Today? 

As long as you have your medical card and a script that covers sublinguals, you can order for pickup at a location near you today. You can also ask your doctor to add the sublingual option to your order.

Don’t feel like driving? Get your favorite Fluent products fast with easy and friendly delivery. Tap now to get the details! Or call (833) 735.8368 now! 

If you’re experiencing pain, insomnia, or health issues, talk to your doctor about sublingual drops today. You can have fast and enjoyable relief when you make Fluent’s sublinguals a part of your daily regimen.

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