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Breathe Easy: The science behind Fluent Pre-Roll Filters

Even with a plethora of cannabis ingestions methods and products on the market, many medical cannabis users still want to enjoy a joint with the friends after a long week or skip other methods of cannabis consumption altogether.

Fluent’s Pre-Roll Filter

Inhaling smoke into your lungs is harmful, even cannabis smoke. The tar and plant material can cause bronchial irritation after heavy smoke sessions or years of constant use. That’s why we’ve introduced pre-roll filters, giving you the full flavor of your favorite strains with the only premium joint filters that you can see working. Our featured filter helps remove tar and other naturally occurring toxins safely.

The Venturi Effect

They utilize a pretty nifty physics trick called the Venturi Effect to trap hot tar particles without losing any naturally occurring medicinal compounds. Each device can filter two or three grams and you can even see the tar build upright inside the body. Let’s take a closer look at the filter’s individual parts and how they all work together to bring you a cleaner smoking experience:

Fluent Pre-Roll Filter

Tip: As you inhale, smoke is pulled in through the rubber grip that connects your pre-rolled joint to the body and into a restricted opening inside the filter’s first chamber.

Chamber: When smoke exits the first section of the filter, air expands into the larger main chamber, throwing harmful tar solids outwards towards the inside of the filter body.

Mouth Piece: Remaining tar catches on the silicone beads and clean “cold” smoke passes through the last stage of the filter into a sterilized plastic mouthpiece, giving you a robust flavorful hit, without the burn.

Try Our Pre-Roll Filter Today

If you would like to try a pre-roll filter for yourself, just stop by your nearest Fluent dispensary. See here for locations.

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