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Botanical Terpenes & Native Terpenes: What You Need To Know Now

By Naomi C. Abrams

There is some confusion surrounding the differences behind botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes.

It’s important to know how terpenes interact within the cannabis plant and how the different terpenes function.

This might sound complicated, but the explanation is relatively simple.

Once you understand terpenes, you can further appreciate the variety of medical marijuana products on the market and learn how the newest products at FLUENT can benefit you and provide a whole new level of enjoyment.

Read on to find out the differences between botanical and native terpenes, and why this topic is important. 


What Is The Difference Between Cannabis-Derived Terpenes and Non-Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

The industry has (for the most part) considered non-cannabis-derived terpenes to be botanical terpenes. 

When discussing terpenes, it’s key to note that both botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes have unique and important roles within the plant. Plus they both have their own therapeutic effects.

Cannabis-derived terpenes retain their marijuana taste, however, botanical terpenes offer a variety of flavors and aromas that can be different from cannabis. 

Botanical-derived terpenes can activate the entourage effect in a similar way as cannabis-derived terpenes, and they help the cannabinoids work better after consumption. 

One exciting breakthrough regarding terpenes is the launch of FLUENT’s newest product line, MOODS.

MOODS’ terpenes are specially formulated to highlight some cannabis strains’ major terpenes, while also adding unique and delicious flavors that elevate the overall experience.  


Frequently Asked Questions About MOODS’ Terpenes

Many have asked if the terpenes in the MOODS line are natural. The answer to this is YES, absolutely. 

The terpenes are naturally derived from plants and then isolated and specially formulated (and combined with other natural terpenes) to create a specific profile blend

Patients also wonder whether the flavors impact the potency of the carts. The answer to this is NO; the potency should be the same as the BLACK Line products. This is because the flavors are added in the same quantity as those of cannabis-derived terpenes in the other product lines. 

The botanical terpenes are extracted from nature. This means there is never a concern for quality, safety, or taste. 

If you are wondering whether these products are full-spectrum, they are actually more of an enhanced-spectrum experience. This is because they contain combinations of terpenes. The combinations are made to provide an experience above and beyond what can be found in a single plant. 

Botanical terpenes have the same benefits as native terpenes. They are just as effective as native terpenes. For example, a myrcene molecule isolated from mango is the same as a myrcene molecule isolated from the cannabis plant. They are the same molecule. 

Keep in mind, if you prefer native terpenes that keep the taste true to the cannabis plant, the BLACK Line and the RED Line are still available and will provide that desired experience. 

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