Guide to Medical Marijuana Concentrates for New Patients

Guide to Medical Marijuana Concentrates for New Patients

Concentrates are the extractions of the marijuana plant using butane or CO2.

Pennsylvanians have been able to celebrate the first dispensaries opening statewide for medical marijuana patients since 2018. While it’s been a good start for marijuana lovers of The Keystone State, this isn’t a free-for-all from the Woodstock era. Pennsylvania medical marijuana laws still prohibit combustible forms for consumers, such as pre-rolls, but hopefully, the standards will soon loosen to accommodate prices and options.

MMJ patients with a dispensary card can buy a 30-day supply of flowers, tinctures, edibles, oils, and concentrates from their dispensary. For those of you not familiar with MMJ concentrates, by the end of this reading, you will find out:

What Are Medical Marijuana Concentrates?

Concentrates are the extractions of the marijuana plant using butane or CO2. This results in a bright yellow, waxy substance that can be puffed through vaporizer devices, like a pen or a volcano. Concentrates are popular for their flavor from the terpenes, as well as the high THC content. Concentrates average above 80% THC, so it is an intense high that satisfies marijuana lovers.

Concentrates are processed into many forms of wax, like live rosin, budder, sugar, or diamonds. The type depends on the texture and consistency. Sugar is more granular, while budder is smoother.

Another type is RSO, which is a whole-plant extract that is taken orally through syringes. It can also be applied to the skin.

Concentrates, such as live resin or wax, are typically sold in cartridges and enjoyed through a vape pen. There are many different brands, strains, and benefits to vape pens. Depending on the cartridge, you’ll see higher potencies and possible benefits like less anxiety or chronic pain relief. Ask the budtenders at FLUENT for more details. Concentrates can also be found in lotions or transdermal patches.

What Types of Medical Cannabis Concentrates Are There?

For MMJ patients, it can seem like a lot of decision-making, but marijuana can be categorized into three kinds: Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. Sativa gives an energized head high and is fantastic for creativity, lucidity of mind, and environmental attunement. Hybrids are a mix of Indica and Sativa, popular with folks who want a myriad of experiences and flavors to help ease their day-to-day life. Indicas usually give users a bodily heaviness, can cause pain relief in some patients, and are a wonderful night time relaxing agent.

On top of these three marijuana types, they mostly contain CBD as well. CBD, or cannabidiol, is allegedly an anti-inflammatory pain reliever that also balances out the intensity of THC. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for the psychotropic high and mild hallucinations experienced by most MMJ patients. In addition to THC, THCa also plays a role here as well. These cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the THC plant and work together to create unique effects and potential relief, also called “the entourage effect”. While most marijuana has THC and CBD, you can purchase CBD-only products as well. Some patients don’t want to feel the hallucinogenic effects, and CBD is a beautiful alternative. Other kinds include CBN, CBD, and even melatonin-infused CBD.

How Do I Become a Medical Patient at FLUENT?

We at FLUENT pride ourselves on providing comprehensive customer care for new and returning patients. We want to provide peace of mind for people that suffer from different ailments and know how frustrating it can be to go through a medical process.

In order to receive a medical marijuana card, you must:

  1. Be 18 or older
  2. Be a Pennsylvania resident
  3. Have any of the qualifying ailments on the legal list

Once you go to a doctor or one of our staff at FLUENT, they will run you through your medical history and ask if you are undergoing any of the qualifying ailments. This can range anywhere from Parkinson’s and cancer to anxiety and fibromyalgia. Once you confirm one or more from the list, the doctor will approve you and put your information in a federal MMJ system. You can expect your MMJ card soon after. Remember to bring it into our dispensary, and we will take care of you.

Stop On Into a Fluent Dispensary

Now that you are more knowledgeable about MMJ, concentrates, and the application process, you are ready to experience Pennsylvania’s premier medical marijuana dispensaries, FLUENT. We provide superior customer service at our Mechanicsburg location and have a wide variety of CBD and THC products for you to choose from. Our friendly budtenders will make you feel welcome and secure. We offer a rewards program for returning patients, an array of concentrates and vape pens, and we even have in-store pickup and online ordering. We want to make your experience with FLUENT unforgettable. Give us a call or come in during regular business hours.

Thank you for choosing FLUENT, and we look forward to seeing you there.